Meredith Borowiec gave birth to three children between 2008 and 2010, and left each newborn child to die in a dumpster.

Two out of the three perished.

The third baby, also deposited into a trash can by the loving mother, was rescued from the bin by a man who turned out to be the child's father, though he did not know it at the time. (He told CBC News in 2010: "I pulled into my parking spot and hadn't even got to the back of my truck and a girl said, 'I think hear a baby in the dumpster.' So I, you know - no knowledge at this time that this is my kid whatsoever - I went running over.")

Borowiec has already spent 18 months in custody, during which time she gave birth to a fourth baby.

This week she was sentenced to 18 more months in jail, as well as three years of probation. She was found guilty of two cases of infanticide, and one case of aggravated assault.

The judge noted that Borowiec cooperated with police, pleading guilty to the first two deaths, and has shown "genuine remorse." Apparently, without information she provided regarding the first two deaths, there wouldn't have been a solid case against her.

"It hurts me every day knowing what I have done," Borowiec stated.

In the case of the first two children, Borowiec didn't even check the gender of the babies before wrapping them in a plastic bag and putting them in a dumpster. Both times, she birthed the child "into a toilet in her apartment."

She was, however, aware that the children were alive, comparing the babies' cries to kitten meows. She hid the pregnancies from both her boyfriend and from her coworkers, claiming that her changing figure was attributable to cysts on her uterus.

"It was like something took me over," Borowiec said of the moments following birth, when she condemned the babies to death. "It was like I wasn't in control. I wasn't normal."

As you would expect, reaction to this sentence has been mixed.