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Can a hacker hijack a plane with an Android app?

© iStockphoto/kickers
Imagine the kind of havoc a malicious hacker could cause if he or she were able to take over an airplane simply using his Android phone. With a tap of his or her fingers, the hacker could arbitrarily control the plane remotely and redirect its path. If you think this is only something that could happen in a Hollywood movie, think again, because that's exactly the scenario a German security researcher laid out on Wednesday at a conference in Amsterdam.

Hugo Teso, a security researcher for the German IT consultancy firm N.Runs - he is a trained commercial pilot as well - explained at the Hack in the Box security conference that a protocol used to transmit data to commercial airplanes can be hacked, turning the hacker into a full-fledged hijacker.

The flawed protocol is a data exchange system called Aircraft Communications Addressing and Report System, or ACARS. Exploiting its flaws, as well as the bugs found in flight management software made by companies like Honeywell, Thales, and Rockwell Collins, Teso maintains he can take over a plane by sending it his own malicious radio signals. To do that, he has created an exploit framework, codenamed SIMON, and an Android app called PlaneSploit that can communicate with the airplanes' Flight Management Systems (FMS).

"You can use this system to modify approximately everything related to the navigation of the plane," Teso told Forbes' Andy Greenberg in an interview. "That includes a lot of nasty things."


Second body found floating near Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. in a week

© John Domen/All-News 99.1 WNEWA view from near the location where a man’s body was found floating in the Tidal Basin.
Washington, D.C. - The body of a man was pulled from the Potomac River near the Roosevelt Memorial early Thursday morning.

Authorities say a US Park Police officer discovered the body floating in the Tidal Basin around 1 a.m.

The identity of the man was not immediately know. Authorities only say the deceased is an adult male.

An autopsy is scheduled to be performed to determine how the man died.

Authorities were able to clear the scene by 4:30 a.m. before tourists returned to view the blooming Cherry Blossoms.

Thursday marks the second time within a week a body has been discovered in the area. Police found another man's body floating in the river on Saturday morning.

It is unclear whether the two cases are connected.

Source: WNEW


Rehtaeh Parsons suicide: Canada Anonymous to expose gang rapists

Rehtaeh Parsons
© FacebookRehtaeh Parsons killed herself after she said she had been raped and bullied
Nova Scotia teenager committed suicide after year of torment over rape allegations and online picture of assault

Hacktivist group Anonymous has threatened to release the names of four boys accused of raping a teenage girl who killed herself after being bullied for more than a year over the incident.

Rehtaeh Parsons, 17, hanged herself after months of harassment over claims that she was raped by four teenagers in 2011. The boys were also accused of taking a picture of the alleged incident and circulating it online.

She died two days after she was found hanged in her bathroom in her home in Nova Scotia, Canada, after her parents decided to remove her from life support. They said she had been on the receiving end of months of tormenting and bullying by schoolmates after a picture of the incident was passed around.

Police investigated allegations of sexual assault at a party in Cole Harbour but said there was insufficient evidence to charge anyone.

In response, Anonymous hacktivists have warned police that they will expose the identities of the four suspects if there is no legal action.

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Police investigate Ebay ad selling 2-year-old

Sanford police say they are investigating a classified advertisement with photos on eBay that purports to sell a 2-year-old girl for $125.

The ad, appearing with the title "Cute lil [sic] Mexican girl," claims a Sanford address and appears to have been posted Thursday under the Dogs & Puppies section of the classified site. It was taken offline, however, around 12:30 p.m.

The seller claims to be the girl's mother, who is in need of money because the father "is not in the picture."

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Two killed, dozens injured in bus rollover on Bush Turnpike in Texas

SH 161 opened, except for one lane just after 5 p.m.


Two people were killed and more than three dozen were injured when a private charter bus overturned along the President George Bush Turnpike in Irving on Thursday morning.

The bus was headed to Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant, Okla., a passenger told NBC 5. The bus was going northbound on the turnpike when it veered to right and back to the left before flipping over near Belt Line Road at about 9 a.m.

Two people were killed in the crash, said Department of Public Safety spokesman Sgt. Lonny Haschel. Their names have not been released.

Forty people were transported to area hospitals. Irving fire officials said 45 people were on the passenger list.

Law enforcement officers were interviewing bus passengers and other drivers who witnessed the crash. The wreck occurred near an interchange with a second highway, snarling traffic for several miles.

Sixteen patients are in critical condition, while many others sustained only minor injuries, according to emergency crews. The injured were sent to various Dallas-area hospitals, including Baylor Irving Medical Center, Las Colinas Medical Center, Parkland Memorial Hospital and Methodist Hospital in Dallas.

The Dallas County medical examiner was also called to the scene.

Anyone searching for family members can call 972-721-INFO (4636) to find out where passengers were hospitalized.

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Sickening: Two women beheaded in Papua New Guinea over witchcraft claims

Two elderly women have been beheaded in front of a crowd of onlookers in Papua New Guinea in the latest of a spate of brutal attacks in the country against people accused of witchcraft.

Police at the scene were outnumbered by an angry mob and were forced to stand by as the women were murdered in a remote village, the Post-Courier newspaper reported.

Bougainville police inspector Herman Birengka said his men had been "helpless".

It is understood the two women had been suspected of causing the death of a local teacher through sorcery.


Home Depot horror: Crazed California man attempts to amputate arms using saws in home improvement store

Home Depot
© Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press
Horrified shoppers could only watch as a "crazed" man tried to cut off his arms by sawing them both to the bone in a busy suburban Home Depot store in West Covina, Los Angeles.

Customers at the home improvement outlet watched as he grabbed several small saws - usually used to cut sheet rock - and began slicing open his arms.

He soon passed out on the floor in a pool of his own blood.

An off-duty paramedic was shopping nearby and sprang into action - collecting twine and rags from shelves to secure makeshift tourniquets over the wounds.

It was a move that probably saved the man's life, West Covina police Cpl. Rudy Lopez told KTLA.

The man, who has not been identified, was taken for surgery at Queen of the Valley Medical Center.

His current condition is not known and it's unkown why he carried out Wednesday afternoon's brutal attack on himself.

The store remained shut for the rest of the day.


Triple suicide in Italy over economic struggle

Italian suicide
Italian rescuers retrieving the body of the brother to the wife who committed suicide on April 4, 2013 in Civitanova.
Italian authorities say an elderly Italian couple has committed suicide in a village in the central parts of the country, after being unable to pay their rent.

The bodies of Romeo Dionsi, 62, and Anna Sopranzi, 68, were discovered by neighbors on Friday at their home in Civitanova in the central Marche region on the Adriatic Sea.

After receiving the news, Sopranzi's brother Giuseppe, 73, jumped into the sea from a fishing quay. His body was later discovered by rescuers.

Local authorities said that there was no question that the suicides were connected to financial problems.

According to the police, Sopranzi received a meek pension of 500 euros (USD 650) a month, while Dionsi did not receive unemployment insurance or the right to a pension, due to recently imposed labor reforms by the government.


UK Climate scientist Katherine Giles killed in bike crash

Global warming researcher Katherine Giles was killed when she was struck by a garbage truck as she bicycled to work in London.

The crash occurred Monday morning, the Evening Standard reported. But the victim was only identified Wednesday as Giles of the Center for Polar Observation and Modeling at University College London.

The truck struck Giles as it made a left turn, police said. Mayor Boris Johnson responded to the news by saying heavy trucks should only be allowed in central London if they have mirrors and other equipment to reduce the risks to cyclists.

Giles graduated from UCL and received a doctorate in 2005. She was considered a possible successor to Seymour Laxon, the center's director, who died in a fall on New Year's Day.


Gunman dead, officer wounded as Georgia hostage standoff ends

© ReutersGwinnett County Police Department SWAT members are shown in this handout courtesy of Gwinnett Daily Post responding to the scene of a barricaded gunman holding four firefighters hostage in a home in Suwanee, Georgia April 10, 2013. The gunman has died and an officer was wounded after an exchange of gunfire.
Atlanta - A gunman who took four Georgia firefighters hostage, demanding his utilities and cell phone service be restored, was killed on Wednesday in an exchange of gunfire with authorities who moved in to free the captives, police said.

A police officer was wounded and the firefighters, taken hostage after responding to what had appeared to be a medical call, suffered minor injuries during the rescue at a suburban Atlanta home, Gwinnett County police spokesman Edwin Ritter told a news conference.

Officials declined to give details about what happened inside the home, and Ritter could not immediately say whether the suspect died as a result of gunshots by law enforcement or a self-inflicted wound.

"This is the result of his actions," Ritter said. "We didn't want it this way but he was calling the shots, and this was the end result."

The man, whom police have not identified, had apparently been in financial trouble and demanded his power, cable television and cell phone service be restored, Ritter said.

"He wanted all those things turned back on," Ritter said. "That's why he was holding them hostage."

Property records show the home in Suwanee, about 35 miles (56 km) northeast of Atlanta, is owned by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, and a Freddie Mac spokesman confirmed to WSB-TV that the property was in foreclosure.