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Massachusetts girls high-school basketball team forfeits after trans player injures 3 players

tans player girls basketball injures opponants
A Massachusetts charter school ended a girls’ varsity basketball game at halftime on February 8 after multiple players were injured by a trans-identified male on the opposing team (white jersey right).
"Once the third was injured, the remaining five expressed concern to him about continuing to play."

A Massachusetts charter school ended a girls' varsity basketball game at halftime on February 8 after multiple players were injured by a trans-identified male on the opposing team.

The coach of the Collegiate Charter School of Lowell Girls' Basketball Team made the decision to end the game against KIPP Academy "after watching a third player injured in the game," a press release from the school states.

"The bench was already depleted going into the game with the 12-player roster having four players unable to play. When the coach saw three more girls go down in the first half leaving him with five players, he made the call to end to end the game early."

Comment: Along with "Lia Thomas", "Rachel McKinnon", and other hormonal cheats, not only does this (carefully unnamed) player deprived a girl of a spot on her school's sports team, he poses a physical threat to the rest of the league. How is this emblematic of "inclusivity"?

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British police officers persuaded children not to report sexual abuse and tried to shift responsibility to them

British police officers discouraged children from reporting sexual abuse, shifted blame to pedophile victims, and ignored reports of threats and harassment by child molesters.
British Police
On February 9, 2024, a report on the activities of the London police was published, which states that the response of law enforcement agencies of the UK capital to various offenses "is currently not effective". In particular, the document claims that police officers not only repeatedly ignored complaints from underage victims of sexual abuse, but also discouraged them from reporting, and tried to shift responsibility for what they had done onto children. An inspection by His Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary found at least 244 cases of neglect and dereliction of duty on the part of London's law enforcement agencies. The Inspectorate also found that in at least one case, police officers unreasonably characterized a 12-year-old girl rape victim as "regularly engaging in promiscuous sexual activity with adult males."

The inspection found that the number and seriousness of the Metropolitan Police's breaches could have long-term consequences for both the safety of minors and the overall image of British law enforcement. Following the inspection, His Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary ordered immediate improvements in at least three areas of policing, as well as indefinitely postponing the lifting of London's special measures regime, which was introduced in June 2022 amid revelations of "systemic weaknesses in tackling crime". Kevin Satterworth, the London police's head of public affairs, said he was "deeply sorry" for the children and families who had been let down by law enforcement and pledged to increase scrutiny over the allocation of police resources to "get on with the job and win back the trust of Londoners". However, as victims of criminal negligence by British police officers claim, such statements from London's police force are "coordinately different from their actual actions," and promises to draw attention to issues of relevance and importance to public safety "have been made every other day for a year now."


Germany suffering shortage of unskilled labor despite influx of 1 million migrants, will 'streamline' work permits to bring in MORE

migrants, Germany, asylum seekers
© CHRISTOF STACHE / AFPFILE PHOTO. Migrants arrive at the first registration point for asylum seekers in Erding near Munich, southern Germany. Despite the influx of immigrants, there remains a shortage of unskilled labor in the economy. To address this issue, the Federal Employment Agency is now seeking to recruit tens of thousands more migrants to Germany.
In Nuremberg, Germany — Amidst mounting concerns over staffing shortages in vital sectors such as restaurants and airports, the Federal Agency is taking proactive measures to address the issue, drawing upon the Skilled Immigration Act for support. Instances of understaffing, notably conspicuous in tasks like baggage handling, have spurred urgent action, the German press reports.

However, recognizing the limitations of relying solely on mass immigration to alleviate the shortage, various factors come into play. Among these are the staggering volume of asylum applications — totaling 351,000 in the previous year alone — and the substantial demographic of over one million Ukrainians seeking sanctuary and depending on public assistance.

Comment: Whilst there is indeed a difference between vetted migrants who are brought in through work visas, that this initiative is even needed exposes how there are probably a million, mostly male, young migrants who are not in employment; and it's likely that they're also increasingly bored, and dissatisfied.

Regarding the number of migrants in Germany, Deutsche Welle reports that, as of 2022, immigrants make up over 18% of the population, with over 6 million migrating over the last decade; between 2013 and 2022. As of 2019, at least 1.1 million of those were 'asylum seekers' - taking into account the 350,000 for 2023 mentioned in the article above, a conservative estimate would be at least 1.5 million.

The fallout of this 'demographic crisis' is already becoming evident, and with poverty increasing, the situation is likely to get much, much worse.

Below is a selection of reports just the last month or so:

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Disney board wants to hide political donations, spending on sex changes from shareholders, docs reveal

Disney World, Disneyland, theme park
© APDisney guests are reportedly defecating while waiting on line for rides at Disney World and Disneyland theme parks.
The Walt Disney Company board wants to hide key financial data from the public, particularly as it relates to their funding of the transgender movement and donations to political candidates, documents reviewed by the Daily Caller reveal.

The 2024 proxy vote ballot for Disney's annual shareholder meeting, scheduled for April 2, reveals the board doesn't want the public, or even their own shareholders, to know how much Disney spends on "gender transition compensation and benefits" for its staff. Despite the board's suggested vote to shareholders, the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) and National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) are urging the company to release the data.

In Disney's 2024 "Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders and Proxy Statement," Disney details how the NLPC and NCPPR notified the company that they intend to present proposals focused on these issues. Within the same document, Disney "affirms" that people who suffer from gender dysphoria can "transition to a different sex." However, "an increasing body of scientific evidence shows no benefits result from such medical treatments," the NLPC argues. They go on to cite the European and American medical community's "increasing" caution about gender-transition "therapies."


West Bank nearing breaking point, warns senior Palestinian politician

Emergency services on duty at a West Bank protest against Israeli occupation near Ramallah. Reuters  Emergency services on duty at a West Bank protest
© ReutersEmergency services on duty at a West Bank protest against Israeli occupation near Ramallah.
Fatah's Sabri Saidam says crisis will 'escalate beyond borders of Palestine' if Israel imposes Ramadan restrictions on Al Aqsa Mosque

The crisis in the occupied West Bank is so acute it can be fixed only by "another Jesus", said a senior Palestinian Authority politician, warning of economic collapse in the coming weeks and further escalation if Israel imposes restrictions during Ramadan.

Dr Sabri Saidam, deputy secretary general of the Fatah Central Committee and an adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, told The National that the war in Gaza has been pushing the West Bank closer to breaking point.

"Ramadan is a holy month and emotions are charged even further, so things will escalate beyond the borders of Palestine" if Israel prevents travel to Al Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem, he said. "Maybe it will get worse - much worse."


Best of the Web: Caitlin Johnstone: Nobody who gets Gaza wrong is worth listening to

gaza protest
I saw a comment from an Israel defender saying "You just lack the intellect to comprehend the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict!"

Just in the last few days we learned that Israeli snipers have been deliberately picking off children in Gaza by shooting them in the head, that Israeli troops summarily executed a prisoner in handcuffs after sending him into a hospital to deliver a message to evacuate, and that Egypt has begun constructing refugee camps in the Sinai Desert to facilitate the ethnic cleansing of Gazans.

"Complexities". This isn't complex.

Comment: Also, anyone who doesn't at least understand why the Houthis of Yemen are attacking American, British and Israeli shipping in the Red Sea, probably isn't worth listening to. Sure, it's destructive, but there's apparently no other way to apply counter-pressure to stop the genocide in Gaza.

See also:

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Shattered Ukrainian troops retreat from Avdeevka

© The Russian Defense Ministry
Ukrainian forces began fleeing the key Donbass town of Avdeevka in disarray a day before actually receiving an order to do so from Kiev's freshly-appointed top general, Aleksandr Syrsky, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed on Sunday.

The Russian military released drone footage on Sunday, purporting to show a chaotic rout of Ukrainian forces, which it claims was taken before Kiev gave the order to retreat. The footage features large groups of soldiers trying to escape the town on foot and leaving behind heavy equipment to boost their chances of survival.

Георгиевская ленточка

Avdeevka chemical plant captured - MOD

Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Plant
© Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via APThis photo taken from video released by Russian Defense Ministry Press Service on Monday, Feb. 19, 2024, shows an aerial view of the Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Plant, eastern Ukraine. Russian forces have taken complete control of the Ukrainian city of Avdiivka. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told the Kremlin on Saturday that Russian forces were now working to clear the final pockets of resistance at the Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Plant, officials said in a statement.
Russian troops have captured the strategically important Avdeevka Coke and Chemical plant, the Defense Ministry in Moscow has said. Ukrainian troops had occupied the complex and turned it into a heavily fortified launchpad for attacks on the city of Donetsk. Kiev's forces in the area are in a headlong rout, the ministry added.

In a statement on Sunday, the ministry said that Russia's 'Center' group of troops had taken "full control" of the facility located on the northern outskirts of the city. "Russian flags have been hoisted on the administrative buildings of the plant. Units of the Ukrainian armed forces continued their disorderly retreat," officials said.

The ministry also shared aerial footage of intense fighting in the area, with multiple explosions taking place around the plant as several adjacent buildings came under artillery fire.

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Indian union refuses to load Israel-bound weapons shipments

port israel india
© Adani Ports and LogisticsAn Israel official has explained how one key Indian port is being used to help bypass Yemen's Red Sea blockade
An Indian trade union that operates at multiple ports across the nation has refused to load or offload ships carrying weapons to Israel, days after the announcement of New Delhi sending Hermes 900 "killer" drones to Tel Aviv.

"Port workers, part of labor unions, would always stand against the war and killing innocent people like women and children," the Water Transport Workers Federation of India, representing over 3,500 workers at major ports in the country, said in a statement.

"The recent attack of Israel on Gaza plunging thousands of Palestinians into immense suffering and loss. Women and children have been blown to pieces in the war. Parents were unable to recognize their children killed in bombings which were exploding everywhere," the statement continued.

Comment: Israel's economy, and its society, are already showing signs of deterioration, and that's even without having suffered any significant boycott, sanctions, or experience of war. And so, whilst the above won't have any appreciable impact, the blowback may only just beginning - regardless of what it does next - and its looking like Israel is far more fragile than it led us to believe:

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Czech prime minister labels protesting farmers 'supporters of Moscow'

prague farmers protest
© Getty Images / Lukas Kabon; AnadoluHundreds of Czech farmers with their tractors block a road in downtown during a farmers' protest in Prague
Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala has claimed farmers protesting against EU agriculture policies, environmental requirements and high energy prices are "supporters of Russia".

On Monday, hundreds of tractors blocked off sections of Prague and disrupted traffic outside the country's Agriculture Ministry as demonstrators demanded that the EU's Green Deal, which calls for regulations on the use of certain chemicals and greenhouse gas emissions, be rejected.

The farmers have argued that the Brussels' proposals place a heavy burden on their businesses, making products more expensive and less competitive, especially when compared to non-EU imports, such as those coming from Ukraine.