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Thu, 28 Jan 2021
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US-based nonprofit sues Apple to REMOVE Telegram over failure to censor 'hate speech,' cites Parler crackdown as example - Update: Google sued as well

© Global Look Press /Valentin Wolf
The Coalition for a Safer Web, a nonprofit founded by an ex-US ambassador, has sued Apple, demanding it deletes Telegram from its store, arguing that the app is being used to "incite extreme violence" ahead of the inauguration.

The Washington-based nonprofit and its president Marc Ginsberg, who served as US ambassador to Morocco from 1994 to 1998 and was deputy senior adviser to the US president on Middle East Policy (1978-1981), argue in the newly filed federal lawsuit that Apple has failed to hold Telegram accountable for violating its terms of service.

The complaint, filed on Sunday with the US District Court for Northern California, accuses Telegram of allowing anti-Semites, white supremacists and other extremists to thrive on its platform, with Apple purportedly turning a blind eye to the fact.

"Telegram currently serves as the preferred neo-Nazi/white nationalist communications channel, fanning anti-Semitic and anti-black incitement during the current wave of protests across America," the lawsuit argues. It alleges that the privacy-focused messaging app is poised to become an even bigger breeding ground for extremist content as users "migrate to Telegram" after Big Tech's crackdown on Parler, which was booted from Apple and Google stores for providing a platform for some pro-Trump supporters who stormed the US Capitol.

Comment: Update 1/26: Another lawsuit was filed by the same group, this time calling for a judge to force Google to drop Telegram from its App Store. They are both realistically frivolous lawsuits that should be dropped by the court instantly so that it can busy itself with actual work, but sadly the climate in the US is to restrict free speech. That is the world the liberals want right now.


Coronavirus setting back the Woke's attempts to 'diversify' women in the workplace

Companies need female employees to help them bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic and must not let gender equality slip off their agenda due to the tough business climate, a virtual meeting of global figures heard on Monday.

Women have been hit hard by the pandemic's economic impact, with the International Labour Organization warning last year that COVID-19 threatened to wipe out "modest progress" on workplace in equality in recent decades.

Business leaders, campaigners and politicians told Monday's online meeting organised by the World Economic Forum that women risk losing hard-won gains at work.

"I have heard many organisations are saying 'Well, we have so many important issues that diversity really isn't something we can focus on right now'," said Laura Liswood, secretary-general at the Council of Women World Leaders.

Comment: This should make it clear that the people running the show really don't care about diversity and women in the workplace. They created a fake pandemic that destroyed many women's businesses and locking down cities means most working women have to stay home to take care of children that aren't attending school.


Here are all the riots that Democrats and the media are choosing to ignore

© DailyMail/Photo
This narrative and behavior by the corporate press is still being carried through the beginning of Joe Biden's presidency and is expected to continue as they work to achieve their political goals.

The corporate media and the Democrats have a history of ignoring and downplaying destructive and deadly riots in exchange for coverage that fits their political agenda.

For example, while the lawless riots that followed George Floyd's death caused more than $2 billion in damages to businesses, churches, federal buildings, and other downtown structures in cities such as Minneapolis, Portland, Atlanta, D.C., and Kenosha, Wisconsin, journalists and politicians simply wrote off the arson, looting, vandalism, and other crimes as justified actions after years of racial oppression and police brutality.

"The common theme that ties all of this together is an expression of anger and frustration over what people feel like has become an all-too-familiar story," said CNN's Omar Jimenez, as a chyron reading "Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Protests After Police Shooting" rolled across footage of burning buildings in Kenosha.

This narrative and behavior by the corporate press is still being carried through the beginning of Joe Biden's presidency and is expected to continue as they work to achieve their political goals. Here are all of the riots that Democrats and the corporate media are choosing to ignore.

Comment: The crazed and riotous Left will likely one day meet a response from that US's silent majority - whose actions will make everything we've seen thus far look like a Sunday picnic. And then God help those who've caught the ideologically motivated and poisonous mind-virus.

And then God help the entire country as it implodes on itself.


Rupert Murdoch condemns 'awful woke orthodoxy'

Rupert Murdoch
© Mike Segar/Reuters
Rupert Murdoch
The media mogul Rupert Murdoch denounced an "awful woke orthodoxy" and declared, "I'm far from done," while accepting a lifetime achievement award this weekend.

Mr. Murdoch, 89, made the remarks in a prerecorded video shown on Saturday during a virtual event for the United Kingdom nonprofit that honored him, the Australia Day Foundation. The video was shared on the website of The Herald Sun, a newspaper in Melbourne owned by Mr. Murdoch.

The video is noteworthy because Mr. Murdoch, despite exerting enormous influence over the global media landscape as the executive chairman of News Corp, has been relatively quiet publicly in recent years. He has been weathering the pandemic in his home in the Cotswolds in England, and received a Covid-19 vaccination in December.

In the video, Mr. Murdoch, standing next to a bottle of Australian red wine and wearing a medal, thanked the foundation for the award in the video but said his career "that began in a smoke-filled Adelaide newsroom is still in motion."


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Censorship and oppression threaten America's trademark standards of democracy and open debate

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr
© Evan Vucci /AP
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Watch as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. addresses health freedom advocates gathered in Copenhagen to strategize ways to maintain human rights on a global basis

On the eve of the 57th anniversary of his uncle John F. Kennedy's assassination, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. addressed health freedom advocates gathered in Copenhagen to strategize ways to maintain human rights on a global basis.

Robert Kennedy said that when Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee asked then-President Kennedy what he would like to have written on his tombstone, Kennedy replied, "He Kept the Peace."


Tucker Carlson: Deep State using military to send 'power' message to American people

carlson pentagon military
This is actually a week-old monologue from The Tuck. It's worth listening to, however, if you haven't yet. Carlson is well known now as one of the last remaining sane voices on US mainstream news. In this show he warns that the Establishment is preparing to launch a 'War on Terror' on its own citizens. The Biden regime is going to be one long dark winter...

Black Magic

Social justice! UK unemployment reaches four-year high because of totalitarian lockdowns

uk unemployment
© Guardian/ONS
Unemployment in the UK has reached the highest level for more than four years as the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic and tougher lockdown measures place more pressure on businesses and workers.

The Office for National Statistics said the unemployment rate rose to 5% in the three months to the end of November - representing more than 1.7 million people - from 4.9% in the three months to the end of October, reaching the highest level since August 2016. Unemployment was 4% in February before the pandemic struck.

In a snapshot of the jobs market during the second English lockdown and as tough restrictions were imposed in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to limit the spread of Covid-19, the ONS said redundancies hit a record high during the quarter. Job losses were most heavily concentrated among younger workers, and in the retail and hospitality sectors.

Comment: All for no good reason. Lockdowns don't work, and Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales did not experience any excess mortality during the "second wave."

However, weekly figures indicated the number of people being made redundant had started to ease slightly from a peak in September, as the jobs market showed signs of stabilising after worse damage earlier in the pandemic.


My Pillow guy Mike Lindell permanently banned from Twitter

mike lindell
© Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images
Twitter banned My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell from the platform after he used his account to spread baseless claims about fraud in the presidential election.

Comment: "Baseless."

Twitter said Tuesday that it permanently suspended Lindell — a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump — because of his "repeated violations" of the company's civic integrity policy, which it implemented last fall to clamp down on misinformation.

Comment: The really sick thing is: the election was stolen. And you're not allowed to say so without violating Twitter's nonsensical "civic integrity policy."

Twitter didn't say which of Lindell's posts pushed it over the edge. But he had used his personal account and My Pillow's corporate account in recent months to post and share bogus rumors about widespread election fraud that appeared aimed at undermining President Biden's victory.

Comment: "Bogus."

Lindell — who features prominently in My Pillow's TV ads — has refused to walk back the claims even though they've been rejected by courts across the country.

Comment: They haven't been rejected by courts. Courts have refused to hear any of the evidence.

Dominion Voting Systems has also threatened him with a lawsuit for falsely accusing the company of "stealing millions of votes." Trump and his surrogates have also propagated bogus claims about Dominion's voting machines.

Comment: "Bogus." We guess NYP is really covering their collective behind after getting banned for their reporting on Hunter Biden's laptop. Way to go, cowards.

Stock Up

Sweden Covid antibodies: The graph they don't want you to see

covid graph cartoon
Here's a graph that doesn't get shown in the mass media, and that I'm sure all those who want you to stay fearful of covid don't want you to see. It shows the share of the tested population with antibodies to covid in Sweden week by week, beginning in the 28th week of 2020 (the first week for which the Swedish Public Health Authority provides data on the share of tests coming back positive).
antibodies sweden
There is so much that is interesting about this graph. Like I said, it begins in week 28, in other words in early July, which is around the time the first Swedish covid wave was bottoming out. At the time, I personally thought this was due to enough of the population having developed immunity to covid, but we now know that was wrong. Rather, it was due to seasonality - in other words, summer caused covid to disappear.

The proportion testing positive for antibodies was 15% in early July. It remained stable for a few weeks, and then started to drop, as we would expect, given that the rate of new infections was very low at the time. Your body generally doesn't keep producing antibodies forever after an infection, rather they wane. Of course, this doesn't mean immunity is waning, as I discussed on this blog a while back. Although the actively antibody producing cells disappear, memory cells remain, ready to be activated at short notice if you get re-exposed to the pathogen.

After an initial reduction, the proportion with antibodies stabilized at around 10% in August, and stayed that way until October, when it started to rise, in line with the beginning of the second wave. And it's literally kept rising by a percentage point or two, every week, all autumn and winter so far. In the second week of January 2021, 40% of those tested in Sweden had antibodies to covid.

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Union head says opening schools is 'white supremacy,' suicide concern 'white privilege'

Pasco School Board

A Pasco School Board meeting pre-pandemic.
The president of the Pasco Association of Educators (PAE) claims reopening schools for in-person learning is an example of "white supremacy," and compares listening to concerned parents to following rioters breaking into the U.S. Capitol. He even says concern over student suicide is an example of "white privilege."

Scott Wilson, PAE president, made a series of unhinged, controversial remarks during a Pasco School Board meeting this week.

The statements come as the union pushes for total remote learning for elementary schools, even with near-consensus from the medical community that it is safe to reopen schools with mitigation policies in place. The petition the union promotes baselessly calls in-person learning "unsafe and unsustainable."

Reopening schools is "white supremacy" and seditious

Wilson's comments were prepared, and he read them during the public commentary period of the school board meeting. He started by comparing the board's decision to reopen schools to rallygoers in D.C. who saw rioters laying siege to the nation's Capitol.

"There are decisions to be made. You stand on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol as people break down barriers and head to the doors. Do you follow?" Wilson asked rhetorically. "You stand at the governor's mansion. The crowd breaks down barriers to enter the grounds. Do you follow? Or do you choose a different way? We must not ignore the culture of white supremacy and white privilege."

He connects reopening schools to pushes to re-open everything.

Comment: Critical Race Theory is crazy. These people are crazy. And they are making more people crazy by the day. CRT is the most destructive thing to happen to American society in decades, and the sheeple are welcoming it with open arms. Biden, for example, is controlled by it. It's racism, plain and simple, or if you prefer, neoracism.