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Bush gives go-ahead for 'Bush Center' in Israel

U.S. President George Bush was informed on Tuesday of an initiative to establish a center under his name in Israel, as a sign of gratitude for his support for the country and its security. Outgoing Israeli Ambassador to the United States Daniel Ayalon asked Bush for the go-ahead to establish such a center during a farewell meeting with the president and his deputy, Dick Cheney.

Comment: Psychopaths of a feather...

Bizarro Earth

Belmont to be first U.S. city to ban all smoking

Belmont is set to make history by becoming the first city in the nation to ban smoking on its streets and almost everywhere else.

The Belmont City Council voted unanimously last night to pursue a strict law that will prohibit smoking anywhere in the city except for single-family detached residences. Smoking on the street, in a park and even in one's car will become illegal and police would have the option of handing out tickets if they catch someone.

Comment: Absolutely amazing. With all the air pollution, especially in cities in California, not to mention the polluted water and crap in what passes for food these days (again especially in the US), what "negative effect" could someone smoking in a park or their car have on another person?? One more step - that of banning smoking in the home - and tobacco becomes officially illegal in San Mateo. What then? Police raids on suspected smokers homes and jail time for possession?


Flashback Trotsky expelled from the Soviet Central Committee

Complete hostility has been declared between the orthodox wing of the Russian Communist party and the leaders of the Opposition.

It was announced in Moscow yesterday that Trotsky and Zinovieff had been excluded from the party, and that eleven other Opposition leaders had been expelled from the Central Committee. Trotsky and his supporters are defiant. The indications are that the repression of their activities by the absolutist and all powerful governing authorities will be ruthless.

The expulsion represents a decisive step toward the placing of the Opposition outside party legality, and guarantees that no Opposition voice will be heard during the party Congress.[Their] aggressive activity in holding demonstrations during the revolutionary anniversary celebration and organising meetings of "conspirators" induced the Central and Control Committees to take immediate action.

Trotsky and Zinovieff will only be able to conduct an illegal political agitation, which may end in their imprisonment. Considering the implacable character of the fight between them and the orthodox wing, it would seem they are afraid of nothing and will continue to struggle.


Former Soviet Dissident Warns Against EU Dictatorship

Vladimir Bukovksy, the 63-year old former Soviet dissident, fears that the European Union is on its way to becoming another Soviet Union. In a speech he delivered in Brussels last week Mr Bukovsky called the EU a "monster" that must be destroyed, the sooner the better, before it develops into a fullfledged totalitarian state.

Mr Bukovsky paid a visit to the European Parliament on Thursday at the invitation of Fidesz, the Hungarian Civic Forum. Fidesz, a member of the European Christian Democrat group, had invited the former Soviet dissident over from England, where he lives, on the occasion of this year's 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Uprising. After his morning meeting with the Hungarians, Mr Bukovsky gave an afternoon speech in a Polish restaurant in the Trier straat, opposite the European Parliament, where he spoke at the invitation of the United Kingdom Independence Party, of which he is a patron.

In his speech Mr Bukovsky referred to confidential documents from secret Soviet files which he was allowed to read in 1992. These documents confirm the existence of a "conspiracy" to turn the European Union into a socialist organization.

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SOTT Focus: SOTT Podcast: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

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Relieved that the Republicans lost the recent U.S. mid-term elections? Maybe you shouldn't be. The two U.S. political parties are Tweedledum and Tweedledee. A change of course at mid-term works wonders for putting discontented Americans back to sleep. "See! The system works!". All we can say is, "It sure does. Only not in your favour." What's in store now that Bush "lost" the election?

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Star of David

Oct. 29th massacres in Palestine history and Ben Gurion wonders: "How can an order be given to shoot children?"

Starting from the oldest: 1. On October 29, 1948, when Israeli brigades captured the village of Safsaf. The known details of the massacre come to us via several contemporary second-hand Zionist reports and via Arab oral history. Yosef Nachmani, a senior officer in the Haganah (and later the director of the Jewish National Fund in Eastern Galilee), recorded in his diary what he was told by Immanuel Friedman, a representative of the Minority Affairs ministry:
In Safsaf, after ... the inhabitants had raised a white flag, the [soldiers] collected and separated the men and women, tied the hands of fifty-sixty fellahin [peasants] and shot and killed them and buried them in a pit. Also, they raped several women... (quoted in Zertal, 2005, p. 171; see also Morris, 2005, p. 500).

Moshe Erem reported on the massacre to a meeting of the Mapam Political Committee but his words were censored from the minutes. According to the notes taken by another person present, Erem spoke of:


Sultan among 100 dead in Nigeria air crash

Ninety-nine people, including the head of Nigeria's Muslims, died yesterday when a plane crashed shortly after takeoff from the capital, Abuja.

ADC Airlines said 106 people were on board the flight to the northern city of Sokoto when it ploughed into a field about a mile from the runway, and that seven people had survived.

"The plane crash ... led to the death of our beloved Sultan ... among about 100 people," the governor of Sokoto state, Attahiru Bafarawa, told reporters.

He declared six days of mourning for Sultan Ibrahim Muhammadu Maccido, who leads an estimated 70 million Muslims. Sultan Maccido, who was also the most senior traditional ruler of northern Nigeria, was instrumental in quelling religious bloodshed in the central state of Plateau in 2004.

Comment: What's that? A Muslim leader who was instrumental in quelling religious bloodshed?? We can't have that. Someone should take that guy out. Oh yes, someone already did it seems.


'Stability First': Newspeak for rape of Iraq

"Stay the course also means don't leave before the job is done. And that's ... we're going to get the job done in Iraq. And it's important that we do get the job done in Iraq." - George W Bush, October 11
Iraq is not simply a US electoral issue. It's a human tragedy of biblical proportions. Hence the urge at this point to situate the tragedy in a historical context.


SOTT Focus: Bush Reveals Real Iraq Policy: Mass Slaughter Of Iraqi Civilians

US Terror

I used to have a little sympathy for those people who were still sitting on the fence over the justness of the Iraq invasion. I understood that the US government and mainstream media talking heads made an effort to imbue their official claims with a semblance of logic and reason, and that the American public could, to some extent, be forgiven for sanctioning illegal war and suffering. They were, after all being deceived.

Not anymore.


Best of the Web: At Least Get The Kids Out

North Korea explodes a N-bomb. Well done chaps. And North Korea is best buddies with Iran. Very well done, this here nuke stuff. The next war with Israel can now be nuclear. And the deluded Jews of Israel can write completely wrong political analyses till they are nuked for breakfast. They still don't comprehend my message: The rulers of Israel hate Jews. It appears that a country run by "men" who hate Jews and prefer globalism far more is simply too much for the little minds of the Jews to work out. So before Israel goes for good...at least get the kids out.