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Propaganda: Did "Iraqi Dissidents" snatch weapons inspector David Kelly?

Weapons inspector David Kelly was the decent man apparently hounded to suicide after exposing Tony Blair's lies on Iraq.

But the crusading MP Norman Baker felt sure there was something more to his death - and gave up his front-bench role to investigate the case.

In the Mail he revealed extraordinary evidence that he believes proves Kelly did not take his own life and was instead murdered by Iraqi dissidents. Here, he reveals how the murder may have been carried out . . .

©Daily Mail
Norman Baker at the spot where David Kelly was found dead

Comment: This is an obvious propaganda piece. Everything that Norman Baker says points to either CIA or MOSSAD false flag Ops, not "Iraqi Dissidents"! His comparison of "Iraqi Dissidents" to the murderers of Danny Casolaro is ludicrous, to put it mildly.

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It's the resistance, stupid

The ultimate nightmare for White House/Pentagon designs on Middle East energy resources is not Iran after all: it's a unified Iraqi resistance, comprising not only Sunnis but also Shi'ites.

"It's the resistance, stupid" - along with "it's the oil, stupid". The intimate connection means there's no way for Washington to control Iraq's oil without protecting it with a string of sprawling military "super-bases".

The ultimate, unspoken taboo of the Iraq tragedy is that the US will never leave Iraq, unless, of course, it is kicked out. And that's exactly what the makings of a unified Sunni-Shi'ite resistance is set to accomplish.


Fingerprint doubt over David Kelly 'suicide'

Newly released evidence adds to the theory that MoD scientist Dr David Kelly was murdered and did not commit suicide, an MP has claimed.

Norman Baker revealed that the penknife Dr Kelly apparently used to slash his wrist did not carry his own fingerprints.

Lib Dem Mr Baker said: "The angle you pick up a knife to kill yourself means there would be fingerprints.

"Someone who wanted to kill themselves wouldn't go to the lengths of wiping the knife clean of fingerprints.

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Sarko Works for Mossad: The Strange Accusations of a Cyberinformer

The Judicial Police are investigating an email sent during the presidential elections to 100 top police officials. It affirmed that Sarkozy, like Balkany, Lellouche, Devedjian, and Aeschlimann, were linked to Mossad.

Comment: You can see where this is going in the penultimate paragraph: "there was no video surveillance nor requirement to show one's papers at the cybercafé" -- such as already exists in Italy. You can bank on that not being the case for much longer in the new Sarkoland.

As to the accusations of Sarko being a Mossad agent, whether or not he is being paid, that is, as an official agent of Israel, Sarko's politics are certainly supportive of Israel and have made of France a much stronger "partner" with the Zionist state. But the bosses of the major French papers and other media are all Sarko's cronies, so you'll not see any criticism of the new Napoleon from the mainstream.

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SOTT Focus: SOTT Podcast: Richard Dolan: UFOs and the National Security State

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Richard Dolan is a historian who specialized in the period of the cold war and the development of the national security state in the United States. One day in a bookshop he picked up a book on UFOs. Many of the names cited were familiar to him from his research. He began to investigate the topic of UFOs and the national security state, plowing through US government documents. His research convinced him that there was something there, something that is so disturbing to governments that jet fighters are sent up to chase them. Rich joins the editors of Signs of the Times for a discussion of UFOs, conspiracies, and why some people just can't see what is in front of their faces.

Running Time: 01:25:55

Download: MP3


Outsourcing Torture: U.S. hypocrisy in Egypt

©Associated Press
An Egyptian activist flashes an Arabic banner condemning torture in front of riot troops during a protest in Cairo.

The Bush administration has called for the respect of human rights in Burma, a pretty safe piece of posturing, but it remains silent as Egypt's dictator, Gen. Hosni Mubarak , unleashes the largest crackdown on public opposition in over a decade. Our moral indignation over the shooting of monks masks the incestuous and growing alliance we have built in the so-called war on terror with some of the world's most venal dictatorships.

"Today, people everywhere know about the regime's atrocities. They are disgusted by the junta's abuses of human rights," ... "My influence is really in being able to shine a spotlight on human rights situations that I want the American people to look at, and I want the people in those countries to know that the American people are with them."
Hypocrite Laura Bush on Burma, Oct 2007.
But as she rightly points out, her comments are only aimed at "situations that I want the American people to look at". Well here is one that they don't want you to see.

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Corporatist Psychopath alert : Rule of law key to S'pore stability, growth

Comment: For many people this article from the Singapore Straits Times may seem reasonable enough - the leader of Singapore saying how the rule of law is essential to Singapore's success. We would all like to live in a nice law-abiding society, right? BUT the society that Mr Lee has created is highly ponerised and his words are those of a typical psychopath in power.

Look deeper and take a moment to think. MM Lee is the unelected leader of Singapore; the rule of law he speaks of is the rule of Corporate Law not that of individual freedom (try demonstrating against Mr Lee on the streets of Singapore and see how quickly you end up in police cell - a former President has spoken out on the issue of dissent); the original Chinese minority have usurped the country from the original Malay majority and through deliberate policies now outnumber the Malays; the independence of the Courts is a proven lie.

Singapore may be small but it may also represent a microcosm of where we are headed on a global scale - a world in which the elite are above the law and live in splendor; where a middle class competes feverishly to serve their lords and master better so as to attain/retain material comfort and where the rest of us are dispensable slaves kept sufficiently fit to labour but with no rights or freedoms. In fact, that scenario is not where we are headed, it is where we are NOW, and things can only get worse.

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Flashback A U.N. Aide Says Taliban Is Reducing Poppy Crop

Opiumanbau Afghanistan
© Reuters
The United Nations' top antinarcotics official said today that the Taliban government in Afghanistan appears to be succeeding in slowing significantly the cultivation of opium poppies for the first time since the radical Islamic movement seized power four years ago.

Pino Arlacchi, the leader of the United Nations Drug Control Program, said in an interview that initial surveys of Afghanistan in the midst of the annual opium-planting season show that a July edict against its cultivation seems to be taking effect across the country, the world's largest producer of opium.

At the same time, Mr. Arlacchi said, his agency has now amassed strong evidence that local drug lords along the northern border with Tajikistan have stockpiled a supply of opium -- and its derivatives, morphine and heroin -- adequate to supply Europe and the United States for up to three years.

Comment: It's seven years later and the Taliban are no longer in control. Guess who is providing fertilizer, other wise know as money, to the poppy growers?


War Whore Rice Says Iran 'Lying' About Nukes

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Thursday accused Iran of "lying" about the aim of its nuclear program, saying there's no doubt Tehran wants the capability to produce nuclear weapons and has deceived the U.N.'s atomic watchdog about its intentions.

Comment: Is Rice telepathic? Or she's projecting her own genocidal thinking on the Iran government? The latter seems more probable.


China resists European pressure on currency

The European Union and China locked horns over exchange rates on Tuesday after authorities in Beijing deflected a European call for a rise in the level of the renminbi.