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Mon, 24 Oct 2016
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Russia boosting Arctic military presence, rebuilds ten Soviet era airfields

© Sputnik/ Mark Agnor
Russia is building and reconstructing 10 military airfields in the Arctic, according to the country's Ministry of Defense.

By making this move, the country aims to ensure its military security in the region. Russia's Federal Agency for Special Construction (Spetsstroy) is currently developing infrastructure facilities on military bases and garrisons in the Far North, Far East and Siberia for 20,000 service members, their families and civilians working for the Ministry of Defense.

The Ministry's representative told reporters that more than 100,000 metric tons of physical resources will be transported to remote military reservations in 2016. They will be used for over 150 items, including lighthouses, islands and military bases.


Celebrating independence? Fighting flares again in South Sudan capital after U.N. demand for restraint

© Reuters/Stringer
Heavy fighting erupted again in South Sudan's capital on Monday a day after the U.N. Security Council told rivals President Salva Kiir and Vice-President Riek Machar to rein in their forces and end days of violence that have left scores dead.

A Reuters witness saw two helicopters overhead firing apparently in the direction of Machar's political and military headquarters. Residents reported tanks on the street. A U.N. official said heavy gunfire had erupted around U.N. bases again.

The capital has been mired in fighting almost every day since Thursday when troops loyal to Kiir and soldiers backing former rebel leader Machar first clashed, raising fears of a slide back to a full-blown conflict after a two-year civil war.

Comment: Another hot spot in the world with no signs of resolving itself.

Five years of independence amid economic collapse and suffering in South Sudan


Moscow studying Washington Post information about Obama's proposals on New START Treaty

© AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin
Moscow is studying information about the US initiatives on nuclear arms control with the participation of Russia, as well as on the extension of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) for another five years that has been published by The Washington Post, a Russian diplomatic source told TASS on Monday.

"We have seen the publication and are now studying its contents", the source said.

According to the Washington Post, US President Barack Obama plans during his final six months in office to put forward a number of nuclear arms control initiatives, including, possibly, offer Russia the extension of the New Start Treaty for another five years. "The Obama administration is determined to use its final six months in office to take a series of executive actions to advance the nuclear agenda the president has advocated since his college days. It's part of Obama's late push to polish a foreign policy legacy that is plagued by challenges on several other fronts," the newspaper writes.

"By focusing on nuclear weapons, Obama sees an opportunity to cement a foreign policy legacy despite setbacks and incomplete efforts in several other areas. But by doing it unilaterally, without congressional buy-in, and in a hurried way, he risks launching policies that might not last much longer than his presidency," the article says.


Military chiefs gagged over Chilcot's Iraq War condemnations

© Richard Pohle / Reuters
Military chiefs are banned from sharing their views on Sir John Chilcot's Iraq War Report because they are deemed too damaging to army morale.

The gag means military chiefs are not allowed to publicly express their own views on the devastating findings of the seven-year investigation into the Iraq War. They are also gagged from sharing their views with soldiers, sailors and airmen under their command.

Instead, a "top line" was agreed for dealing with troops, while senior officers were forbidden from expressing their views in the media.

On Monday, defense sources told the Telegraph of fears in Whitehall that military morale could be ruined by the report's scathing conclusions.

Bad Guys

The Warsaw Summit: NATO reaffirms its blueprint for global aggression

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg delivers a speech at Warsaw University
At its summit in Warsaw the NATO alliance reaffirmed its course of aggression and expansion against Russia and the world.

The Summit Meeting of the NATO Alliance held in the Polish capital on 8th and 9th July 2016 unfortunately justified the pessimistic forecasts of many analysts.

An analysis of the final documents shows they have been prepared based on an assessment of the current state of the military-political situation in the world, which has been qualified as "more dangerous". This has been backed by provocative language and policies and gross distortions of Russian policy in the international arena.

These actions were founded on the claim of "projecting stability" and "of responding to crises" outside the borders of the states that are members of the Alliance. The areas of "strategic importance" NATO has highlighted are the North Atlantic, the Baltic, the Mediterranean and the Black Seas.

In order to realise these objectives the Alliance confirmed its previous decisions to establish a division sized rapid reaction force (the "NATO Joint Response Force") and the so-called "Very High Readiness Joint Task Force", which will be capable of deployment within two to three days. These forces are to be set up with the participation of seven Member States of the Alliance (the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey and France). Permanent operational liaison connections between these forces and NATO's Naval Forces (the "NATO Standing Naval Forces") in these Seas are to be created, tasked with coordinating naval support for these Joint Rapid Reaction Forces in these areas.


Poroshenko's "conditions" mean elections in Donbass will never take place

After a briefing by the Ukrainian head of state following talks on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Warsaw, Poroshenko was approached by Russian journalists with the question of when elections will be held in Donbass.

The Ukrainian President stopped in front of the reporters and said: "As soon as Russian troops withdraw from the territory of Ukraine."

Comment: From the editor of News Front: To withdraw what doesn't exist from Donbass is impossible. Therefore, elections in Donbass on the basis of negotiations with the LDPR laws that bring fundamental change to the Constitution of Ukraine, will never take place during Poroshenko's reign

Via Newsfront Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ


Predictable - NATO summit closes by condemning Russia

© Associated Press/Jonathan Ernst
The issues that were discussed at this year's NATO Summit were mainly preparations for a possible war against Russia.

The two-day Summit in Warsaw, Poland ended on Saturday July 9th, with a 139-part "Warsaw Summit Communiqué" which used the word "terrorism" 17 times, "jihad" and "jihadist" and "jihadism" 0 (zero) times, and "Russia" 58 times — never favorably, and often with overt hostility.

It also referred to "Ukraine" 34 times, and "Syria" 10 times. Ukraine, during a February 2014 coup (it has been referred to as having been a "coup" both by the leader of the private CIA firm Stratfor, and by the Establishment writer on international relations John Mearsheimer, among others) switched, immediately after the coup, from having been neutral between NATO and Russia, to being suddenly and consistently intensely hostile to Russia, and immediately applied to join NATO; Syria still remains strongly allied with Russia.

The Ukrainian government was referred to 100% favorably, and the Syrian government was referred to 100% unfavorably.

In other words: the Communiqué is 100% hostile toward Russia and its ally Syria, and is far more concerned about Russia than it is about terrorism — and not at all concerned about jihadism and jihadists.


Russian Foreign Ministry: NATO provokes crisis while attempting to demonize Russia

NATO "exists in a political mirror-world," focusing on a "mythical" threat from the East "demonizing" Russia, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said commenting on the results of the bloc's summit in Warsaw.

"We're currently analyzing the decisions made at the NATO summit that took place in Warsaw on July 8 and 9. But even a cursory look at the results of the meeting shows that NATO continues to exist in some political mirror-world," an official statement from Zakharova reads.

The summit ended on Saturday with the allies signing a 139-chapter communiqué on measures to tackle security threats, with "Russian aggression" being one of the core points. NATO accused Russia of "provocative military activities in the periphery of NATO territory" and "willingness to attain political goals by the threat and use of force." The alliance slammed Moscow's actions as "a source of regional instability, fundamentally challeng[ing] the alliance, hav[ing] damaged Euro-Atlantic security, and threaten[ed] our long-standing goal of a Europe whole, free, and at peace."


Obama: The Nobel Peace prize winner that is a war god in disguise

© New Eastern Outlook
The state controlled media sources in the US are desperately trying to present President Obama as a peacemaker that is "worthy of his Nobel Prize." However, this "dignified symbol" in his actions doesn't remind a hero of peace, instead he seems to be hiding a mask of the Greek god of war in his pocket - Mars.

The dubious achievements of the sitting American President in the field of undermining and invading sovereign states are well known and documented It's enough to just mention that Barack Obama has been at war longer than any president in United States history and he will be remembered as the only president who ever served two full terms in office while constantly being at war.

Obama received back in the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize and in the coming years in the White House he must have been trying to fulfill the promises he given to the US as an anti-war candidate. Yet he would have a longer tour of duty as a wartime president than Roosevelt, Johnson, Nixon or his hero Abraham Lincoln.

The piece drafted in the Cato Institute would note that President Obama has taken military action in a total of seven countries — Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen — without the authorization of Congress. If one is to include covert military actions taken by special operations forces, the list is longer and the impact much broader. During the fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30, 2014, US Special Operations forces (SOF) deployed to 133 countries - roughly 70 percent of the nations on the planet with missions ranging from kill or capture night raids to training exercises.

As noted by various American observers, the ease with which Obama starts new conflicts pose the same dangers to world peace that the wars in Vietnam and Iraq once did. It's clear that Obama declared the "end" of the Iraq war in 2011 only to start sending troops back. In Afghanistan, he didn't even go through that formality. The Pentagon has officially refused to disclose the exact number of American troops deployed in those states. We do know that there are at least tenfold more troops in Iraq now than there were in the latter half of 2014, when Obama went on television and said that the US would be conducting "limited" airstrikes there. Since then, more than 25,000 bombs have been dropped in Iraq, Syria, Libya and elsewhere.

Obama's policies resulted in the deaths of American soldiers, despicable massacres of innocent civilians, the massive exodus of refugees from the Middle East that keeps descending into violent chaos.It is not surprising that the Cato Institute statesthat after eight years of continuous warfare, the Nobel Committee should take another unprecedented action: it should revoke Obama's peace prize and demand repayment of the prize money.


Reuters runs al-Qaeda propaganda, disguises them as "rebels"

The British news agency Reuters seems to have difficulties distinguishing between various forms of militancy.

Thus it categorizes designated terrorists as "rebels".

July 1 2016 : Syria rebels retake key town in western coastal province: monitor, rebels
Insurgents seized a strategic town from Syrian government forces and their allies in the western coastal province of Latakia on Friday, a monitoring group and the rebels said, in a rare advance for them in the area.
Nusra Front said in an online statement that an alliance of Islamist rebel groups including itself had captured Kansaba and a number of other villages, seizing several tanks and artillery guns.
The Nusra Front is Al Qaeda's organization in Syria. Two UN Security Council resolutions call on all UN members to "eradicate" the terrorist organization's safe havens.