donald trump Mark Fisher
Donald Trump broadened his coalition of support this month, earning the endorsement of a Black Lives Matter leader.

Mark Fisher, who co-founded BLM Rhode Island, expressed his support for the former president, arguing that the Democrats could no longer be trusted to have the black community's interests at heart.

"Why do you think he is the best candidate that we have?" Fisher was asked during an appearance on the Kim Iverson Show earlier this month, to which he replied, "because everybody else sucks."

He labeled Joe Biden a "deep disappointment," adding that Kamala Harris was no better.

When asked whether he felt alone in his views, as someone in the BLM movement, Fisher, without hesitation, said, "no," explaining that "the tide is starting to turn."

"I feel like a lot of black people are starting to pivot off of that Democratic plantation," Fisher said. "For so long, we've been slaves to that party- actually we've been mental slaves afraid to get off that plantation because we've been used and abused for so long."

He went on to suggest that the Democrats' policies, and the party itself, were "racist," taking particular aim at the attacks levied at the nuclear family over the decades.

"I believe Donald Trump is the opposite," Fisher said. "He's gonna tell you how it is, he's gonna give it to you straight. He's not gonna be a hypocrite and stab you in the back, like the Democrat Party likes to do."

In an interview with Fox News earlier this week, he expanded upon those sentiments, adding, "We're not stupid. The brothers are not stupid. We understand when someone's for us and when someone is not, and it's obvious that the Democratic Party is not for us."

A recent New York Times/Siena College poll found that, in battleground states, Trump's support among black voters has increased, rising from 8 percent in 2020 to 22 percent in 2023.