Black Voices for Trump, Harrison Floyd
The former director of Black Voices for Trump, Harrison Floyd, was the first of the 19 Fulton County defendants to be held in jail without bond
The former director of Black Voices for Trump, Harrison Floyd, was the first of the 19 Fulton County defendants to be held in jail without bond.

Floyd, 39, turned himself into the Fulton County, Georgia jail Thursday afternoon, after District Attorney Fani Willis gave former President Donald Trump and the other 18 co-conspirators in her election interference case until noon on Friday to show up.

He didn't negotiate a bond so remained in custody after being charged with racketeering, conspiracy to solicit false statements and influencing witnesses.

Floyd surrendered just hours before Trump prepared to turn himself in, and braced to become the first former president in history to pose for a mugshot.

Trump's former chief of staff Mark Meadows also surrendered in Georgia on Thursday and was released on a $100,000 bond.

Earlier this year, Floyd was charged with attacking an FBI agent, who was working on Special Counsel Jack Smith's parallel probe into 2020 election interference by Trump and his allies, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

An affidavit says Floyd body-slammed an agent who arrived at his Rockville, Maryland home to subpoena him to appear before a federal grand jury in Washington, D.C.

'WHO THE F*** DO YOU THINK YOU ARE,' Floyd allegedly screamed, the affidavit says, describing that Floyd was standing 'chest to chest' with the agent after knocking him backward with his body.

In Georgia, Floyd is accused - alongside Stephen Cliffgard Lee, a police chaplain, and Trevian Kutti, Kanye West's former publicist - of pressuring poll worker Ruby Freeman into falsely saying she committed election fraud.

Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss - who gave tearful testimony to the House select committee on January 6 - were the subjects of a conspiracy theory echoed by Trump and his allies.

Freeman and Moss were falsely accused of pulling phony mail-in ballots from suitcases while tabulating the count on Election Day at Atlanta's State Farm Arena.

One of the other Fulton County defendants, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, pushed that the mother-and-daughter were passing USB drives 'like vials of heroin or cocaine' as they counted ballots.
Floyd (left) speasks to Paris Dennard (center) an Kamilah Prince
Floyd (left) speasks to Paris Dennard (center) an Kamilah Prince (right) in 2020. On August 24, 2023, Floyd surrendered just hours before Trump prepared to turn himself in at Fulton County jail
Moss tearfully testified before Congress that her mother had merely passed her a 'ginger mint.'

The women were receiving death threats in the election's aftermath.

As Giuliani and others were pushing this narrative about Freeman, Floyd, Lee and Kutti were allegedly on a mission to get the poll worker to lie and say these falsehoods were true.

Floyd told Reuters in December 2021 that he had asked Kutti to visit Freeman at her Atlanta-area home, which she did on January 4, 2021.

He also said he was no longer working for the Trump campaign at this time.

Kutti allegedly told Freeman that she was sent there by a 'high-profile individual' - an apparent reference to West, according to Reuters.

Freeman was skeptical at first and called the police.

She eventually met with Kutti at a police station.

Reuters obtained body camera footage from an officer present at the meeting.

'I cannot say what specifically will take place,' Kutti told the poll worker. 'I just know that it will disrupt your freedom,' she said, 'and the freedom of one or more of your family members.'

'You are a loose end for a party that needs to tidy up,' the publicist continued, adding that 'federal people' were involved.

Kutti then said she was going to put 'Harrison Ford' - presumed to be Harrison Floyd - on speakerphone, explaining that he had 'authoritative powers to get you protection.'
Floyd handed himself in as Trump left his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf course in his motorcade on the way to catch a flight to Atlanta
Kutti then asked the officer to give them privacy, so Floyd's conversation with Freeman wasn't captured.

Freeman later said that Kutti and Floyd tried to get her to implicate herself in a voter fraud scheme.

'If you don't tell everything,' she recalled Kutti saying, 'you're going to jail.'

Freeman said she grew suspicious, jumped up from her chair and told Ye's publicist, 'The devil is a liar.'

She then called over an officer.

The episode showed the desperate attempt of Trump's allies to make voter fraud allegations feel real.

Trump is expected to appear at the same jail where Floyd is being held to be booked on election interference-related charges Thursday night.