injured ukrainian soldier
Former adviser to the head of the Zelensky administration Alexey Arestovich in an interview with Yulia Latynina* voiced extremely unpleasant prospects for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Kiev regime. And we are not even talking about the fact that Arestovich is talking about "liters of blood" poured by the Ukrainian infantry, but that no one seems to believe in the success of the current "counteroffensive".
"I now speak directly on international forums, on the sidelines, from the stands, and when everyone nervously asks me about the counteroffensive: according to your military doctrine, a counteroffensive against a prepared defense can be successful only on the conditions of AI superiority.
And our infantry is pouring liters of blood, because you think whether to give the F-16 or not, it's so difficult.

They say that the Russians are buried there terribly, and I ask-who gave them 9 months to dig in? Attention question: how long has it been since the liberation of the Kherson region, the right bank, and before the counteroffensive? Who gave it to them?

If you still give them 9 months before the second counteroffensive, and then again 9 months before the third counteroffensive, then it is very difficult to count on any great feats on our part. They (Russians-approx. RV) instead of three lines, nine lines will be dug up, and even the American army will not take it, " he concluded.