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What in the name of God is going on in America?

Following last week's comically bizarre 'Chinese Spy Balloon Shoot-down', this weekend the Pentagon declared that it shot down two MORE 'Chinese balloons' over Alaska and Canada, and that it scrambled fighter jets to investigate a 'radar anomaly' over Montana. (And, since airing, a FOURTH balloon has been downed by the US Air Force over Lake Huron.)

What's different this week is that the Pentagon isn't exactly confirming that these latest 'objects' are balloons, much less Chinese 'spy' ones. In fact, the media and govt spokespeople seem to be deliberately insinuating that these 'unidentified objects' are... extraterrestrial in origin!

In this NewsReal, Joe & Niall suggest that the USA is NOT 'under attack' - from either China or aliens. More likely, the Pentagon is knocking out Chinese versions of the very same network of stratospheric spy balloons the US government sent up for global military surveillance many years ago. Seen in this context, the Pentagon is 'taking out' a competing sub-space ISR network under the guise of an 'alien invasion', thereby 'setting the theater' for an upcoming proxy war with China...

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