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A new poll has revealed that a majority of Americans believe that the transgender movement has gone "too far" in its encouragement of minors to pursue medicalized gender transitions.

The poll was conducted by McLaughlin and Associates for between October 12 and 17 of 1,000 likely general election voters nationwide.

In response to the question, "Do you believe the transgender movement has gone too far by encouraging underage minors to use drugs and surgery to transition to the opposite sex," 65 percent of likely voters agreed with the question, while 21 percent disagreed. 14 percent of respondents said they "don't know."

The poll revealed that amongst all political parties, those in agreement with the question were the majority.

86 percent of Republicans agreed with the question, while 9 percent disagreed. For Democrats, 46 percent agreed, while 34 percent disagreed. 61 percent of independents agreed, while 21 percent disagreed.

Even split by the candidate they voted for in the 2020 presidential election, a majority of Americans agreed that things have gone too far.

87 percent of Trump voters, and 44 percent of Biden voters agreed with the question, while 7 percent of Trump supporters and 34 percent of Biden supporters disagreed.

Everyone above the age of 18, the legal age of voting, agreed with the sentiment as well, including 54 percent of those 18-29, 60 percent of those 30-40, 64 percent of those 41-55, 74 percent of those 55-65, and 68 percent of those over 65.

The poll also found that a majority of American think that the driving "motivation behind the medical industry promoting gender transition for young children" is based on "financial gain."

57 percent of those polled said the motivation was financial gain, 24 percent said the motivation was to help children, and 19 percent said they didn't know.

Split by political party affiliation, 74 percent of Republicans say it's financial gain while 13 percent say it's to help children. 39 percent of Democrats pointed to money as the motivator, holding a slight lead over Democrats who said that the motivator was helping children, 38 percent. A majority of Independents, 56 percent, said it was financial gain, while 21 percent said it's helping children.

Additionally, a majority of Americans, 59 percent, say that the growing trend of being transgender among minors is due to outside influences from social media and other sources, while 27 percent said minors "feel free to question their gender without judgment."

"Americans disagree on many issues, but they are united in saying that the transgender movement has gone too far. They overwhelmingly suspect that social media and the medical industry are exploiting children for self-serving financial gain," said Dr. Jeff Myers, President of

"The burning question is, why are so many people silent if they believe the transgender movement is harming kids? What will it take for Americans to overcome the intimidation and say, 'Enough is enough?'"