Elements of the Nord Stream 2 sabotoge operation
Possible elements of the Nord Stream 2 sabotoge operation
As I sit here with my head on a swivel after the initial SITREP broadcast discussing the findings around this issue, I am thankful that the sea of "Monkey Nation" supporters run deep around the world and that we have so many "trackers" with the ability to do what I do that I know should something happen to me, there are tens of thousands that can continue on with this effort. As it is said, "give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, feed him for life." I have indeed taught so many enthusiasts around the world how to watch the skies over the past 2 years from YouTube that they could never stop the effort. Thank God for that. Plus, the tools to track just keep getting better and easier - e.g. SkyGlass.

Okay, let's dig into what we know about the subject. First and foremost, everything I have shown and discovered is open source - meaning it is available to anyone around the world. I just happen to know where to look and have the tools that give me the opportunity to find the data.

That said, the Russians also have this data and it certainly didn't help our case that Biden told them we would take the pipeline out should the Russians invade Ukraine. We have seen Biden "slip up" on many occasions so this isn't a surprise. You would think that the bobbleheads would have at least put someone in the game that would have the cognitive ability to at a minimum play the game, but that clearly isn't the case.

Here are a few facts about the sabotage:
  1. Biden said we were going to do it
  2. It happened "overnight" on the 26th of September
  3. We have a US Navy P8 fly from the United States to a refueling rendezvous point over Grudziฤ…dz Poland at 0210 hrs GMT
  4. The two aircraft, Callsign N/A, and BART12 sync up at 26,400 ft for an extended 1:20 minute refueling, disconnecting at 0328 hrs GMT
  5. The BART12 air refueler RTB'd to Spangdahlem Air Base Germany and one should note the flight record has been wiped
  6. The Navy P8 then continues onto the Nord Stream Pipeline location and descends to an altitude of <10,000 ft at 0345 hrs GMT
  7. The Navy P8 exits the area just prior to 0700 hrs and is the only aircraft over the area the entire time
  8. At 0709 hrs GMT the Navy P8 returns back to the United States. Note: the US Navy P8 HexCode is AE6851 and is NOT listed in the aircraft database. Furthermore, the aircraft flew as "masked" meaning it did not want to be tracked
  9. Datapoint, there were recorded 2.3 magnitude shakes in the area at that same time
  10. The following morning NATO Forces announce that overnight the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline has been sabotaged
  11. A Poland Ministry Official posts a tweet thanking the United States for taking out the Pipeline
  12. On September 29th in front of the UN Security Council a Russian Federation spokesperson presents the known facts and asks the United States representative directly in a yes or no requested response, "did the United States take out the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline" in which the US representative did not confirm nor deny it and didn't answer the question, but instead took an offensive posture
nord streem 2 sabatoge flights over site
As we sit here today, October 1, 2022, the United States has no official statement on the sabotage although Biden is pushing the standard doublespeak rhetoric and as they say, the best defense is a good offense. There is, however, an official release from the White House back in February 2022 that states the United States will take further action with Germany to end the Nord Stream Pipeline 2

So let's look at the flight data logically... The United States has Navy P8's stationed in the UK so why fly an aircraft all the way from the United States and not land in the UK for refueling, but instead hook up for an hour plus with another US Air Force refueler out of Germany? Could it be that the UK's new Prime Minister would not condone the activity? We have already seen her call out Nancy Pelosi who we know is a bobblehead and not in line with the New World Order, and we know the new UK PM is indeed a WEF appointee which is part of the NWO. Clearly, the United States did not want to land in the UK or anywhere else for a reason. Could it also be because it was armed with external weapons or they didn't want any record of the aircraft in the area? Landing would create a log and even though we see them wipe the flight record data, the airport log is still intact.

Let's talk about the P8 weaponry for a minute. The Navy P8 Poseiden has 11 external hardpoints for mounting weapons as well as an internal bomb bay, and one weapon, in particular, is a High Altitude Anti-Submarine Warfare Weapon Capability (HAAWC) system. HAAWC is an all-weather add-on glide kit that enables the Mk54 torpedo to be launched near or below the cruising altitude of the P8 Poseidon.
P8 jet with torpedo HAAWC
© Boeing
P8 and HAAWC
© BoweingThe P8 can utilize a Boeing HAAWC consisting of a modular Air Launch Accessory, or ALA, kit that attaches to a Mark 54 torpedo, transforming it into a precision-guided glide weapon. At the ALA separation point, the ALA deploys a stabilizer to enter the water as intended.
What that means: the flight path and altitude of the P8 in question are indeed capable of conducting a "bomb run" on the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. Now let's look at the flight specifics. Note the last flight path just before exiting the area runs right along the pipeline in which they could have released the ordinance and continued their climb out, thus exiting the area and returning to the United States. Also, note the little hump just before the climb out (red arrow). That is consistent with a weapons release. Pitch down, increased AoA, weapon release, little bubble up, then a climb out (the blue line is the inbound leg of the same flight). You may also note the flight path. It circles over the area first, then flies downrange and starts the initial bomb run, then it does a quick readjustment on a final bomb run, releases, and exits immediately.
p8 weapons release nord stream 2 sabatoge
© MonkeyWerx
Now I'm not a betting man, but if it sounds like a duck, walks and talks like a duck, then folks, it's very likely a duck. Okay let us talk about the motive: Why would the United States take out this pipeline? Reason - because it is a very large source of revenue for Russia and the sanctions to date have not worked, in fact, they have backfired on the United States. Also, note the timing as Poland and Norway announce a new Baltic Pipeline just days after the sabotage and the EU has secured a deal with Israel going forward so they will no longer rely on Russia for the gas and oil. We simply waited until everything was shored up and made our move.

Alright, I know I have hit you with a firehose of data for you to mull over and I will leave it to you to decide based on the data presented. One thing for sure, in our current environment this was not a good move and it could very well be what kicks this entire powder keg off. So as always, stay frosty and keep that powder dry.

God bless,

Monkey out
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