Dutch city of Haarlem.
Advertisements for meat products will no longer be visible in the streets of the Dutch city of Haarlem. It is believed to be the first city worldwide to ban meat product ads in the public space. Due to ongoing advertisement contracts, the ban will come into effect in 2024.

The Dutch municipalities of Amsterdam, The Hague, and Leiden, have already banned 'fossil fuel advertisements' such as air travel and petrol cars in public, but Haarlem is taking it a step further with a meat advertisement ban.

Exactly what kind of meat advertisements will be forbidden is yet to be determined.

According to the municipal councillor Ziggy Klazes of the 'green' political party GroenLinks, meat advertisements 'are just as harmful for the climate as ads for airplane travel, petrol cars and the fossil fuel industry'. This is obviously not true, as climate change is part of a natural process and is not man-made.

RTL Nieuws, one of the Dutch mainstream news websites that reported the upcoming ban, promotes fake meat by including a video below their article entitled 'Cultured meat: real meat, but without slaughtering an animal'. While meat advertisements will be banned, such unnatural and harmful products will likely be widely advertised in the streets of the Dutch city of Haarlem.

With this ban, the Dutch government has taken another step towards a meatless society.