drag march
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A Pride Month event at a Dallas gay bar sparked massive social-media outrage over the weekend, after footage surfaced of children being invited to participate in a drag-queen show.

The "Drag the Kids to Pride" event, held at the Mr. Misster Dallas gay nightclub on Saturday became the focus of media attention as conservatives protested outside the club.

Parents brought their kids along to the morning drag show, which featured men in drag outfits dancing provocatively in front of an "It's not gonna lick itself" sign. Kids were invited to partake, dancing alongside the men.

Beyond simply dressing up in women's clothes, drag queens at the Dallas venue wore a variety of skimpy outfits, including PVC bodysuits and lingerie. Kids attending the event were exposed to stripper culture, encouraged by their parents to hand out dollar bills to the twerking dancers.

An ad for the event read, "Do you want to hit the stage with the queens? We have FIVE limited spots for young performers to take the stage solo, or with a queen of their choosing! Come hang out with the Queens and enjoy this unique pride experience, fit for guests of all ages!"

The event was held amid nationwide controversy over the normalization of sexual deviancy around children, often celebrated as "inclusivity" by the alphabet brigade.

Pride Month, which is held every year, has become an opportunity for the LGBTQIA+ activist movement to push the envelope for the acceptance and normalization of more debauched lifestyles, including "furries" and other forms of "kink."

It's the result of a slippery slope. Originally conceived as a movement to legalize same-sex unions, with slogans like "love is love" and "gay is good," the alphabet movement has quickly gone from normalizing relations between consenting adults to imposing upon religious institutions by forcing churches to officiate same-sex marriages - at least in the United States and Western Europe. The movement has been subsequently hijacked to push ever more forms of "inclusivity" for transgenderism and non-binary individuals, who have expressed an open desire to "dismantle" cultural norms.

Initially pushed by a small but extremely vocal minority of activists through NGOs like GLAAD, Human Rights Campaign and Planned Parenthood, the movement has quickly grown to subsume much of Washington, becoming a top-down affair and a priority for the administration of US President Joe Biden.

Beyond creating acceptance for various non-traditional lifestyles, the movement has now expanded towards targeting children through school curricula and drag shows hosted at public libraries and gay nightclubs, as well as an embrace of "trans children" who identify as any number of gender identities.

A recently-released Discovery+ show, titled "Generation Drag," aims to promote this lifestyle for children.

At an age when kids cannot consent to sex, they should not be exposed to sexual acts and displays of sexuality. Period. Drag, in general, is for adults. It always has been - and even some leftists say that the push for tolerance and inclusivity for every lifestyle under the sun is going too far.

Posting on Twitter, popular YouTube commentator June Lapine, better known as Shoe0nHead. stated that she did not like being "gaslit" into viewing such debauchery as normal, instructing her fellow leftists to "stop being scared to point out that the emperor has no clothes because you fear being called a reactionary."

The left isn't the only group that needs to step up. Parents, too, need to be more mindful of what their kids are exposed to. While the parents who attended the event may be a lost cause, the protesters outside - who were few in number - could benefit from having a larger presence, and the support of politicians, who must step up to defend the values of their constituents.

It is the duty of every adult to protect the most vulnerable members of society - the children. Despite accusations of bigotry and concerns about cancel culture, adults must step up and say "enough is enough." It's better to be called a "bigot" than to allow groomers to ruin and corrupt the lives of children.
Ian Miles Cheong is a political and cultural commentator. His work has been featured on The Rebel, Penthouse, Human Events, and The Post Millennial.