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On April 15 the WHO announced an outbreak of hepatitis of unknown origin in the UK. Since that time, they've specified that it seems to be centered on young children. And it's not limited to the UK.

As of April 21, there have been at least 169 cases of acute hepatitis reported from 11 countries (Cases have been reported in the UK (114), Spain (13), Israel (12), the United States of America (9), Denmark (6), Ireland (<5), The Netherlands (4), Italy (4), Norway (2), France (2), Romania (1), and Belgium (1).) The kids who have been tested have come up negative for hepatitis A through E, but some have tested positive for adenovirus.

So far they don't know what's causing it, but are explicitly stating it has nothing to do with vaccinations since most of the children infected were too young to have received the shots. We don't think that rules anything out.

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we speculate as to possible reasons we may be seeing this strange hepatitis outbreak.

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