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© Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press
Independent MPP Randy Hillier greets anti-mandate protesters at the National War Memorial in Ottawa Feb. 13, 2022.
Independent MPP Randy Hillier has been asked to surrender himself to the Ottawa Police over Freedom Convoy-related charges. Hillier, who represents the Ontario riding of Lanark — Frontenac — Kingston, is being charged on nine counts.

According to Hillier, he is being charged on three counts of counseling others to an uncommitted indictable offense, one count of obstructing a person who was aiding a public or peace officer, two counts of obstructing a public officer, one count of assault against a police officer and two counts of mischief to obstruct property greater than $5000 in value.

"I don't know how you can can obstruct property. Typically we think of obstructing people, not property," Hillier told The Post Millennial regarding the mischief to obstruct property charge.

Hillier also denies he ever assaulted anyone. "I know I didn't get into any fights. I know the only time I every touched anybody was in a warm embrace of love and affection and festivities," he said.

"We started on a path to tyranny. Now, we have criminalized opinions and views that are not consistent with the narrative. You know, no longer our opinions deemed to be offensive. But now they are deemed to be criminal," Hillier said of the state of discourse in Canada.

Regarding the charges, Hillier said
"As far as I know, I am the first elected representative in our country to be charged, criminally, for having a view that is contrary to the government's."

"I have instructed my lawyer that I will not accept any condition that prohibits or precludes me from speaking on public policy. I would rather spend time that if they're going to deny me my freedom, they will be the who will design my freedom they will not be myself."

"We saw this last week six European Members of Parliament condemn the state of democracy in our country. I wish I could find six other elected representatives in Canada who would condemn the state of our democracy."
Hillier will be turning himself in to Ottawa police at 7 am Monday morning.