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© Sott.netDirected mass migration is apparently underway at the border of Poland and Belarus (L), selective ideology-based lockdown in Austria and Germany evokes particular memories (R). The commonality? Govts are herding people into finer and finer orders of control...
Covid-19 cases are exploding in most Western countries - especially in those that heavily used the mRNA 'vaccines'. In response to this man-made crisis, the Austrian government this week declared it would impose a partial lockdown... on anyone not yet vaccinated. Makes total sense, right? (It does if you're a power-mad pathocrat!)

Also on this week's NewsReal, Joe and Niall discuss the finale to COP26: was it just another elitist talking-shop nothing-burger, or did it succeed in committing governments to voluntarily take a wrecking ball to civilization?

Finally, the intense stand-off over what to do with thousands of freezing Iraqi-Kurdish migrants at the Poland-Belarus border: is this another case of 'Directed Mass Migration'? The Polish government has sent 15,000 troops to stop them crossing into the EU; does war beckon? The British government sure hopes so...

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