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The US and Russia maintain a military presence in Syria
The US patrol did not give prior notice to the Russians when they allegedly violated a disengagement agreement.

Russian soldiers blocked the path of a US military patrol in northeastern Syria on Saturday for allegedly violating a security protocol, according to Russian media.

Four US armoured vehicles were turned back along the M4 road, 10 kilometres west of the town of Tal Tamr, Hassakeh province, after Russian troops intervened, state-controlled outlet RT reported, quoting Kurdish sources.

This was allegedly due to the US violating existing security protocols between Moscow and Washington.

Russia claimed the US did not give prior notice to the troop movements as per a "disengagement" agreement.

Tensions between the two sides have erupted in Syria including in July when US soldiers blocked a Russian military patrol in Hassakeh.

Russia intervened in the Syrian conflict in 2015 to help dictator President Bashar Assad push back rebel groups as his regime began losing ground.

Comment: Russia was invited to help democratically elected Assad to fight off a US-backed terrorist insurgency in the country. Were it not for Russia's intervention, Syria would have suffered a similar fate of Libya, Iraq, or Afghanistan: The secret talks that could have saved Libya

Russia maintains a strong military presence in the country.

The US recently announced it is planning to withdraw hundreds of troops from the Middle East including Syria, but not entirely.