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Huge crowd waits to get through security, patriots climb trees to get better view

Hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of patriots have descended on Washington DC to show their support for President Trump and to put spineless Republicans on notice who refuse to reject electoral college votes from 6 contested states.

Democrat Mayor Bowser has blocked off the roads, making it nearly impossible for even the most seasoned traveler to navigate around the city. Restaurants are closed, making it next to impossible for these patriots to find food, and bathrooms are nowhere to be found. Additionally, the DC mayor, who refused to call in the National Guard when Black Lives Matter and Antifa were attempting to breach the perimeter of the White House has called in the National Guard to keep MAGA patriots in line.

Undaunted and committed to protecting and preserving free and fair elections in America, these patriots are pressing on, making their voices heard and putting the crooked Democrats on notice that they're not going to stand by and watch people with bad intentions steal their country.

Independent reporter Drew Hernandez captured an incredible pre-dawn scene of patriots waiting in line to clear security:

Here's another view of the incredible crowd of patriots waiting to get inside the Ellipse as they fill up the National Mall.

Here's a shot of the overflow crowd as patriots fill up the National Mall:

The huge crowd of patriots waiting patiently in line to make their way through security continues to grow:

Meanwhile, a massive crowd of patriots who've already been cleared by the US Secret Service can be seen standing on the Ellipse, a 52-acre park south of the White House and north of the National Mall.

Patriots who want a better view of the speakers, including President Trump, have opted to climb trees and wait in their limbs for the action to start.