haim eshed
Here is a 20 min interview with the man that broke the story about the Israeli Space Program Director - Prof. Chaim Eshed - and his statements regarding UFOs and ALIENS. After going viral in Mass Media... what to make from it all? Is it all BULLSHIT? Major news outlets including CNN, FOX and FORBES reported a Frankenstein sound-bite version of quotes from the long-form interview (which was only available in Hebrew). What was lost in translation? What was the context for such exotic claims about UFOs and ALIENS? Is there any substance to the claims?

I talk with the man who was in the room with Prof. Chaim Eshed. The journalist who conducted the interview with him and wrote the piece. Should we dismiss the statements as insane? Or are we missing something? I definitely wanna know!

As my mentor in journalism George Knapp says... "It's the duty of science & journalism to investigate the unexplained; not to explain the uninvestigated". So that's what I'm doing.

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