united airlines child mask kicked off
© Eliz Orban/Twitter
What is the world coming to when a toddler is expected to "comply"? A Colorado couple was kicked off their flight to Newark, NJ, when their 2-year old wouldn't wear a mask. He wouldn't "comply" with the mask-wearing rule on the plane. What toddler would?

The upset mother posted a video on social media to explain her outrage:

The saddest thing is that many other mothers chimed in with their experiences:
  • "I'm so sorry that happened to you. We were kicked out of a museum last week bc my two year old won't wear a mask. It's ridiculous."
  • "Unbelievable! I am so sorry. We are living in a freaken nightmare. My son has special needs & wearing a mask is extremely difficult for him. So, I totally understand."
  • "My son is 10, nonverbal, & on the autism spectrum. If I were to take him on an airplane, the same thing would happen to us because he won't tolerate anything on his face. I opted virtual learning for him because I refuse to force him to wear a mask. When does this insanity end???"