Phil Murphy
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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy was called "a d-k" by foul-mouthed, maskless hecklers who interrupted him having dinner with his family, according to a viral video.

"Oh my God, Murphy, you are such a d-k," one woman could be heard telling the governor in the video seen more than 1.2 million times since it was posted by Breaking 911 on Sunday night.

"You're having fun with your family, in the meantime you're having all kind of bulls-t going on?" another female voice heckled the politician as he dined outside with wife Tammy and their four children.

The governor — who recently introduced new restrictions in the Garden State in the run-up to Thanksgiving — initially laughed off the hecklers and went back to his meal.

One of his sons, however, clapped back by suggesting the hecklers were "a little too drunk" and asking them to put on masks.

"'You can go f-k yourself, how's that?" one of the women snapped.

"I don't need a f-king mask. You know why I don't need a mask? Because there ain't nothing f-king wrong with me," she said.

By the end of the clip, Murphy had put on a mask as the women repeatedly told his family to "get the f-k outta here."

The video went viral Sunday, although it was not clear when or where it was filmed. The hecklers also did not specify exactly what angered them about Murphy, who was following his own safety guidelines by dining outside and in a group of fewer than 10 family members.

"I may not be a big fan of @GovMurphy but this is wrong on so many levels," said one Twitter user, Denise Colleen. "He is sitting down eating with his family. Once seated you are allowed to take off your mask. From the language to the way she accosted them, this is awful."

"Not a fan of Murphy, but this is wrong! He's with his family eating dinner-leave him alone!!!" wrote another user, Scott Lindstrom.

Not everyone agreed. "He's an elected member of the executive and is open for critical judgement and scrutiny. ... If he wants a quiet life he should resign," one person tweeted in reply to the clip.

The governor's office did not immediately reply to requests for comment.