Eating out NYC
© Reuters/Carlo Allegri
Noon in NYC. "What'll it be, folks? We got the 'Cuomo Special' today: a cold slice of bull and a full menu of unpopular social restrictions. Any takers?"
Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced new Covid-19 restrictions in his state ahead of the holidays. They include forcing many businesses to close at 10pm and even limit gatherings in private residences.

"New York follows the science," Cuomo tweeted on Wednesday when announcing the new restrictions, all of which will be put into effect on Friday. Calling indoor gatherings and parties a "major source of COVID spread," Cuomo said private residences will be limited to having 10 people or less in them. He did not reveal how this will be enforced.

Cuomo, who recently published a book on his 'leadership' during the pandemic, warned New Yorkers that Covid-19 is "getting worse" and the "fall surge" is here.

"Take this seriously," he tweeted.

Cuomo's latest restrictions on his state have earned him a new wave of criticism on social media, where many of his decisions as governor during the pandemic have been highlighted and criticized widely by both liberals and conservatives:
"Gestapo coming to your thanksgiving gathering," writer Ellie Bufkin tweeted in response to the governor's announcements.

"Will you be paying people's mortgages?" podcaster Stephen Miller added.

"Where does Cuomo derive the authority to tell people how many guests they can have at their own homes? Answer: From his own imagination. Please disregard this petty ridiculous tyrant," wrote the Daily Wire's Matt Walsh.
New York has had over 500,000 cases of Covid-19 and more than 33,000 deaths. In a Wednesday update to those numbers, Cuomo announced over 4,800 positive cases found on Tuesday and reported 21 deaths and over 1,600 hospitalizations due to the virus.