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The media can't make up its mind. Not about Trump, whom they loathe because the man called them out for what they are. They can't bear their power, which is real and devastating, being challenged. No, it's not Trump they're indecisive about. They can't keep their story straight about voting fraud.

For nearly four years the media declared that voting fraud was perpetrated by Russia on the behalf of Trump. The election was stolen! There was fraud! This fraud was certain, beyond all doubt, and anybody who didn't agree was a bad person. We were told this again and again, then again some more.

True, the media never said exactly how this fraud was supposed to have been worked. Did Russia send a cruise ship full of Boris and Natashas, adept at disguises, to infiltrate polling places and pull levers for Trump? Did the KGB send out mind control waves (via satellites?) to discourage voting for Hillary? Did Putin threaten to cease sending his country's best players to the NHL unless Democrat Governors "accidentally" lost Hillary's mail in votes?

We'll never know, because the media never said. But it had to be something. They insisted on it. Fraud was pervasive. No polling location was spared.

Voting fraud, the media implied, was easy. And common.

And we believed them — as we should. They are the media! Guardians of our democracy! Noble, selfless beings who only have our best interests at heart. They would never lie, hyperventilate, exaggerate, or omit.


Because they assured us voting fraud is simple and common, it was only natural that we started looking for evidence of it in this election. After all, the initial reported results made little sense. We saw in Michigan and Pennsylvania, for instance, Trump drawing massive enthusiastic crowds to his rallies, whereas Biden, even with the help of Obama, could only gather lackluster handfuls.

Yet we were asked to believe that not only did Biden beat Trump, but Biden, in many cases, outdistanced Obama himself, the immaculate one. Voter fraud was at least a plausible explanation for this. The media said it happened all too often, so why not here, too?

Even the media agreed with this possibility.

It's true. One report was from Philly Mag, as mainstream a source as you can get.

Now Philadelphia, like many large cities, is broken up into precincts. They said, "voter turnout in 20 of the wards was 97 percent and greater. That is 97 percent of the bloated voter rolls that probably include dead people. Zombies are in these days, and in Philadelphia, they vote."

The magazine admitted voter fraud in this fine city was as common as rain, and just as well known. They gave a for-instance:
[In 2008] Acorn was caught red-handed filling voter rolls with names out of the phone book and false signatures, while Black Panther members intimidated voters with billy clubs. It is the case again this year with questionable turnout, vote returns, voter rolls, poll-place shenanigans and the Black Panthers' encore
Even stranger was that the election saw in 59 precincts no votes going to the Republican presidential candidate. "Zero," the magazine emphasized.
Finally, there is now a report that at least 27,000 registered voters were told they were not in the poll books. More than 27,000 cast provisional ballots to be counted after election officials check the rolls. There is no telling how many disgruntled voters just walked away. It would be helpful to break down the party affiliation of those who were told they weren't in the books. In 2008, Philadelphia recorded 12,733 provisional ballots, so the number has more than doubled.

To recap, there are inflated voting rolls, a near 100 percent turnout in many precincts, Republican officials thrown out in precincts, [the Republican presidential candidate] getting no votes in precincts, registered voters told they aren't on the books, and the city recording vote and turnout totals way out of line with the rest of the state and even neighboring counties.
Well, there it is. Voter fraud, clear as day, just like the media insisted was both true and permeating.

Only — drum roll — this report was about Obama-Romney race in 2012.

Now, of course, the media have switched. Now we learn we were always at war with Eastasia. Now the New York Times tells us "Election Officials Nationwide Find No Evidence of Fraud". Now they tell us stories about voting fraud are "disinformation."

The BBC assures us mail-in ballots can't be used fraudulently, not anymore, that is. The Brennan Center for (they insist) Justice says voter fraud is a "myth."

Reuters has an "explainer", in which they patiently lay out to readers still deluded by reports of being at war with Oceanania, that voter fraud is "extremely rare." ABC also says "extremely rare".

Meanwhile, John Podesta insisted "Donald Trump's associates may have colluded with Russian hackers to win the election."

No, wait. That's old news and doesn't count.

Never mind