Chess pieces checkmate

This is where the bar is set. If the DNC leadership and Joe Biden had a shred of decency or understanding of the national interest (reason of state) among them, both Biden and the DNC would bow out of the 2020 election so traitors to the Constitution, companies, lobbies, and people could be investigated and prosecuted.

Now, if you're a Democrat reading this, you have two choices. You can read the following with all the skepticism you can muster and I welcome that. Then go into 2020 elections based on your conclusions. Or you can ignore it and burn the country down. Your choice.

I've been covering this specific story since February 2015, writing it from the perspectives of the players and victims as it developed through primary source evidence. This story developed in Ukraine.

This time it's the story as it developed from the contractor's perspective. You'll see what regime change systems work and what doesn't work. You'll see what is working in the US in 2020. The evolution of the process started with partial successes, learning from them, and finding the only political framework total population subjection and permanent results could be achieved by. And then doubling down on it.

Beginning in 2011 the contractors found the right track. The Obama-Biden administration progressively subjugated all 17 US Intel agencies, the Intel community, the State Department, the Justice Department, federal investigative agencies including the FBI, the US Congress, most of the US media, social media corporations, search engine giants like Google, NATO, EU allies, and Ukraine under one company's work for a specific clientele that's been behind the development of this operation since 2004.

There are Republicans as well as Democrats behind this. Former Senator John McCain was its biggest proponent in the Senate.
John McCain neo nazi Ukraine
Senator John McCain (AZ) shares the stage in Kiev with far-right, NeoNazi Right Sector strongman, Oleg Tyhanbock, ahead of violent street protests in Ukraine in December of 2013, in advance of the US-backed coup
What you're about to read is a system breakdown of the horror show going on today in the US. This will fully explain how the now fully developed political division, riots, and media were engineered to roll out a new type of government based on raw integral nationalism by the DNC and its backers.

This one point needs to stand out. If a total extra-Constitutional governmental system changeover doesn't happen, all the work that's been put into developing this, rolling it out to destroy the Trump presidency and re-election means they failed. That statement includes a Joe Biden win.

The prize isn't the destruction of Donald Trump, that's the means to the end. For the contractors behind this, winning means a no-bid contract that essentially retires 17 Intel agencies, controls all foreign policy for their paying clients, and puts them in an unquestionable position of controlling national and world events from that moment on because all they need to do is scale-up... a little bit.

At the end of the day, trillions of dollars are at stake for the people behind this information operation.

One of the most effective weapons of war ever devised has been unleashed on the US population because it's coupled with a permanent regime change strategy designed to tear the psyche of an entire country.

Explaining it through a system development breakdown shows how to find the money and organizers of the events going on since November 2016 because it puts them on a strict consumer/client level. It also shows what's been put into play to guide eyes away from the crimes happening in real-time by the contractors themselves.

Let's start with what I'm not talking about. The DARPA funded AI social media influencer program designed by Curtis Hoagland that retired general Stanley McChrystal is putting into play for the election, isn't it. I'll get into a full explanation below but that system was outdated by legal commercial versions that eclipsed it within a year or two of its design.

The idea that Stanley McChrystal would consider openly bringing tools used to combat ISIS into the US election to support Joe Biden and not be repudiated by the DNC should spin your head if you're a Democrat. McChrystal is open about just how important the 2020 election him and people like him. At the same time, both he and the Democratic Party are telling you, if they want your opinion...they'll feed it to you.

Your opinion as a Democratic Party member means as much to them as an ISIS terrorist they are about to drone.

The system designed by Cambridge Analytica (CA) whistleblower Christopher Wylie to influence elections for CA is only a small partner system for what the DNC has in play. In point of fact, it isn't significantly better on any count.

In Wylie's new book Mindf*ck: Mindfuck — Inside Cambridge Analytica's Plot to Break the World he describes how nations worldwide are currently being manipulated into a new order. For CA's program to work, it needs to change the foundation of a society and their first job is to create chaos first. According to Wylie, CA's primary goal is the US.

Wylie's tool doesn't come close to the above. SCL-CA's other system which will be shown below is what he is describing. Why didn't he point this out?

Wylie's tool creates a model behavior by deep analysis of Facebook posts building psychological profiles about what moves you to act or choose something. They model memes, posts, advertising, and article posts that drive at your core emotions. Saturating specific groups like this drives political values in the direction they want people to go in and act in ways their client is paying for.

Both his and the DARPA-funded tool are very effective on a limited per-project basis. The problem is two-fold. The first is reach. Both rely on localized social media that preaches to the choir and undecided people. The message has to resonate with the undecided on issue and candidate based stories which mean layered propaganda using the means listed above.

The biggest problem is once the contract deliverable (result) is complete to the customer's satisfaction, the project ends. The stimulus is removed and people normalize again. The next election becomes the next project and the opposition will eventually catch on to what is happening to neutralize the value altogether.

The huge hole in Wylie's testimony concerning CA's involvement in the 2016 election is...they did none of the above at any meaningful level, never mind being the monster coming out of the closet he described.

This caused any hope of a real investigation into SCL-CA to derail. No evidence. No justice served and the process keeps going.

When you couple the real facts with the wrong evidence it creates a shadow for the monsters to hide in.
"There's never been any public evidence that Cambridge Analytica brought anything to the table beyond what was standard campaign practice," Daniel Kreiss, a political-communications professor at the University of North Carolina, told me. In 2016, the Trump campaign paid Cambridge Analytica slightly more than six million dollars. Giles-Parscale was awarded fifteen times more, making it one of the most highly paid vendors in political history. — The New Yorker
Cambridge Analytica (CA) was a non-performer for the Trump campaign in 2016. Donald Trump's campaign didn't benefit from those services and Team-Trump Facebook ads were geared to politically moderate people.

While CA had a contract with the Trump campaign, SCL's major benefactor throughout this period was the Obama-Biden administration. Team-Clinton did not hire CA. For her 2016 campaign, she relied on media and networking through the DNC and the Diasporas working for her.

Wylie's embellishment is probably another tool CA was using to cover its tracks. Below, you'll see exactly what I mean.

That said, Clinton campaign Diaspora outreach(es) through Alexandra Chalupa was working with CA's parent company SCL-IOTA Global in Ukraine and across Europe at the same time they were helping SCL developing and test driving the REAL thing in Ukraine from the beginning of the conflict forward.

IOTA Global, the company that developed this as a process, was the only company in this field that carried military licensing to operate. IOTA personnel ran SCL-Defense. Since IOTA folded, SCL is now the proprietary company with IOTA's tool and methodology.

The following screenshot of the SCL homepage pays homage to what they are doing in the US. If you are a Democratic Party member supporting Biden, your vote is literally a line item on this company's spreadsheet.

The DNC and Biden campaign gave you this value. That's your only value. Live with it and be proud. Joe gets his jingly. The lobbyists who hired the contractor get their jingly. The contractors get their jingly. The DNC, Antifa-BLM leaders get their jingly. You are the jingly.
Trump Boris Johnson SCL propaganda company
SCL homepage
The Tools and Programming Designed for a Sustainable Coup in the US

The tool and programming development including the political side go hand in hand. If you only understand one side without the other, you never grasp the impact of what's been unleashed in the US.

The tool works by instilling a hard nationalist view on supporters and gathers as many fence-sitters as possible under it. When accompanied by the SCL programming or strategic whole nation IO plan it becomes the across the board sifter and decider of what values the client nationalism holds and hardens even moderate followers into a keyword-based category 5 hurricane of emotional overload.

In military IO operations center on the ability to influence foreign audiences, US and global audiences, and adversely affect enemy decision making through an integrated approach. Even current event news is released in this fashion. Each portal is given messages that follow the same themes because it is an across the board mainstream effort that fills the information space entirely when it is working correctly.
The purpose of "Inform and Influence Operations" is not to provide a perspective, opinion, or lay out a policy. It is defined as the ability to make audiences "think and act" in a manner favorable to the mission objectives. This is done through applying perception management techniques which target the audience's emotions, motives, and reasoning.

These techniques are not geared for debate. It is to overwhelm and change the target psyche.

Using these techniques information sources can be manipulated and those that write, speak, or think counter to the objective are relegated as propaganda, ill informed, or irrelevant.SCL Group is a U.K.-based behavioral research firm that has reportedly worked with the Department of Defense — US Psychological Warfare in Ukraine: Targeting Online Independent Media Coverage
Those statements were written by the designer of the 5 point strategic plan or SCL programming in play today. It also shows why no single software is a magic button. The plan demands the active participation of major media and trusted journalists.

Software doesn't host your favorite news show or write columns in the NYT or Washington Post. Making the plan inclusive media items go viral is what the software does as well as pushing down opposing views.

Early on, they found that while the software and IO techniques worked for elections and regime change, as soon as politics reverted to issue-based platforms or policy issues, the left-right brain "thingy" took over and the changes they made would revert. Normal political party platforms require thought, not emotion.

To make permanent changes work, they needed to find a political framework that was in harmony with and could be synched to the use of the software, programming, and messaging.
Nationalism Is Exactly What Ukraine Needs.

In truth, you can't really make "the case" for nationalism; you can only inculcate it, teach it to children, cultivate it at public events...moments like last New Year's Eve, when more than 100,000 Ukrainians sang the national anthem at midnight on the Maidan. They need more occasions when they can shout, "Slava Ukraini — Heroyam Slava" — "Glory to Ukraine, Glory to its Heroes," which was, yes, the slogan of the controversial Ukrainian Revolutionary Army in the 1940s
Hard nationalism built on using keyword programming is framed solely on emotion and emotional responses. Applebaum just espoused the answer SCL needed to mold the product to a permanent outcome.

Nationalism is based on emotional responses that can be taught to children.

This hard nationalism being put in place is based in US-OUNb political ideology. Each layer of society shares many aspects of socialism with a get out of jail free card based on adherence and activism. The further you climb in society, the fewer laws apply to you. It's win, win for career criminals.

Whole nation IO is what makes this work. I wrote about its development and first deployment in about 58 articles with over 600 pages of primary source documentation since 2015.

This first article is a result of that work detailing the use of TAA with the whole nation IO including benchmarks and milestones included in Ukraine.

The Terrorists Among US — The Coup Against the Presidency

This second article details how it transferred to the US after the 2016 election.

Obama's coup against Donald Trump and a terrorist plot against America

Target Audience Analysis — the nation-wrecking monster

This is the programming developed by IOTA-Global was developed for warfare and SCL is developing a new lexicon for it under the term Neo-Cortical Warfare.

What you see going on around you are not people making decisions in the sense that they believe the IO material filling the news and social space. This system and programming are geared to tear people's psyches at the emotional level. This is where you get all the disparate groups to work together plying their fears over policy that doesn't exist.
 'hands up, don't shoot'
© ustin Sullivan/Getty Images/AFPDemonstrators chant 'hands up, don't shoot' as they protest in front of the Ferguson police department on November 24, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri.
Many of the people burning cities today are doing so because of the IO. If you shut off the tap, which in this case is the media working cooperatively with the contractor, in about one month, people will start to normalize. Within two months, the same people throwing Molotov cocktails today will wonder how it happened.

Congressmen and Senators involved in this have a lot to answer for. This is outrageous.

'He is a coward': Trump condemned for reportedly calling US war dead 'suckers'

Below you'll see how this program and system were developed together, why, and where. This includes the clients that are using SCL right now. The program is being used without the system in at least five countries listed in the benchmark article.

Is this an exaggerated description of a non-threat?
TAA is the only methodology of its type and has been verified and validated by the US Defence Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), the Sandia National Laboratories (USA) and the UK's Defence Science and Technology Laboratories (DSTL).
It is certified to work as it is described to work. This is one tool that should never be used in the same sense a nuclear weapon should never be used. Today it is being used on two heavily armed nuclear states, the USA and Russia.

In May 2017, IOTA Global head Steve Tatham made this statement and the company closed doors shortly thereafter.
Shortly after the Times report, Tatham's company Influence Options Ltd made another statement, this time more publicly, withdrawing from all work with SCL Group and emphasising that they have not worked on any political campaigns.
SCL group propaganda programming color revolution
© Joel Harding/Twitter
I documented the work Joel Harding did in Ukraine. While he may find that uncomfortable, neither Steve Tatham nor Joel Harding has any involvement in the Trump coup, the IO in the US reverted back to SCL using the same structures, programming, and strategy they employed in Ukraine for the same clientele.

The fact that Tatham had time to see Obama's IO machine turning on Donald Trump, see where it was going, and then closed the company speaks worlds in itself.

IOTA Global's system and Harding's whole nation plan were already going full steam under the Obama administration on US citizens beginning in 2014 using the weight of MSM for labeling US politicians, publications, and journalists as Russian collaborators in scenarios that only existed on SCL's account payable sheets. Obama-Biden used this methodology to bury the administration's crimes in Ukraine in the soft sands of Washington Post and New York Times stories.

TAA- Regime Change
Target Audience Analysis  TAA propaganda course
© STRATCOM/SCL GroupTarget Audience Analysis propaganda course books
This is a screenshot of the actual TAA system. You can see the NATO STRATCOM logo on the cover. IOTA Global helped set up STRATCOM to support work in Ukraine.

The methodology training is done in 60 sessions lasting 2.5 to 3 hours. This can be done in an intensive six-week course or two-semester course spread over 30 weeks.

They offer a one week course for TAA decision makers which is a project supervisors course showing what can be done and what to expect.

Lastly, they offer a two-week primer for experienced strategic communications specialists to update their skills and methods in line with the system.

According to SCL proper deployment of the system delivers four results.
  • The precise identification of optimal Target Audiences
  • A measurement of the degree of difficulty or influenceability of an audience
  • Determines how best to influence an audience
  • Produces the communications or triggers that will effectively and measurably change an audience's Behavior Consequently, the BDi methodology for Strategic Communication is an essential tool for any modern-day communication or influence effort.
The program is used to identify specific motivators for any kind of group. This also gives the ability to find the common tie between clashing groups and provide the basis for them to work together or find the motivation to move disinterested parties in the direction you want them to go. This information determines what kind of media message will be effective.
TAA options screen
© SCL GroupTAA general options screen
TAA propaganda IOTA global
© SCL GroupTAA define and refine parameters
Setting the parameters allows you to discover the exact groups you need to work with every time.
According to system designer Cdr (Rtd.) Dr Steve Tatham Ph.D. for The Three Swords Magazine 28/2015,

AT THE heart of TAA is the ability to empirically diagnose the exact groupings that exist within target populations. Knowing these groupings allows them to be ranked and the ranking depends upon the degree of influence they may have in either promoting or mitigating constructive behaviour. The methodology involves the comprehensive study of a social group of people. It examines this group of people across a host of psycho-social research parameters, and it does so in order to determine how best to change that group's behaviour.

It is not simply research for the sake of greater understanding, but TAA achieves many of the crucial tasks that the planners require. Indeed, when undertaken properly, TAA employs innovative and rigorous primary research, drawing together qualitative, quantitative and other methods. This data is then triangulated with extensive expert elicitation and secondary research.

It builds up a detailed understanding of current behaviour, values, attitudes, beliefs and norms, and examines everything from whether a group feels in control of its life, to who they respect, and what radio stations they listen to.

TAA can be undertaken covertly. Audience groups are not necessarily aware that they are the research subjects and government's role and/or third parties can be invisible. In short, it is a tried, tested and proven methodology.
When Obama-Biden coupled this tool with the following strategy in 2014, he literally subjugated the US population to SCL's whims.
propaganda strategy SCL color revolution
© SCLWhole nation 5 Point IO strategy
Obama-Biden made sure everything you know about any line item event (think Russian collusion, DNC hack, MH-17) on an SCL accounts payable sheet is what they decided you know. The entire country has been subjected to the same mind-altering process ISIS is subjected to with only two differences.

ISIS leaders wouldn't do this to their own people which says a lot considering the use of suicide bombers. You're not ISIS and it's impossible Obama-Biden could have ever taken it to this level with them. Otherwise, they would have all hung themselves. But they did do this to their own Party and to America without reservation.

Prior to the advent of social media messaging, the US-OUNb led close to 18 groups in the US that could deliver 5 swing states using bloc votes to sway a national election. In 2016, this is what Hillary Clinton was counting on.

In 1991, George H. W. Bush made his famous Chicken Kiev speech blocking the US-OUNb (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - Ed.) from taking the reins in post-Soviet Ukraine. In 1992, The US-OUNb led by Slava Stetsko answered by bloc voting for Bill Clinton instead.

The leverage the US-OUNb was able to apply in the 1992 election is fundamental to what is going on today.
In a May 1988 interview, Mrs. Stetsko was asked: "What do you hope your impact to be in the U.S. on the elections coming up this November?

Slava Stetsko: "Our people here are not electing a Democrat or a Republican. They are electing a man or woman who has some kind of integrity. They try to learn what ideas he or she represents and stands for. Men or women of great caliber and values we are giving our votes in the U .S. We consider that the U.S. needs great men, strong men, for the benefit not only of the U. S. but for all countries of the world. It is our interest to support good and strong people, and have them in Congress and in the government."

"The goal of the ABN," (OUNb world group)she (Stetsko) said, "is to pressure the U.S. government toward a "liberation' policy aimed against the USSR, with ABN (OUNb)leaders as the liberators.
The US-OUNb idea of a man or woman of integrity is the one that gives them power in the US, Eastern Europe, and destroyed the Soviet Union. The latter goal was transferred onto the Russian Federation after 1991.

SCL-OUNb 2004

SCL's history in Ukraine goes back to 2004. The Orange Revolution is where SCL had their first experience with their current US-OUNb (US Ukrainian OUN Bandera) clientele.

The Orange Revolution was the first of two coups leading to the ousting of Victor Yanukovych in Ukraine. The client was the OUNb Diaspora in the US (UCCA) and Canada (UWC) as evidenced by the following photo. The elderly woman in the photo below is the only 3rd Reich Nazi leader to hold a national government seat in the country her own nationalist group murdered millions of people in.

Her name is Slava Stetsko. She was made the leader of OUNb, Stepan Bandera's group after her husband died. In 1945, she was petitioning Adolf Hitler for more money to build armies against the Allied forces. Both she and her late husband made sure the political views of the OUN could not change from the 1930's view of politics.

SCL started on the path to perfecting their tools and program working for her group in Ukraine.
Block Nasha Ukraina
© Alexander Sinitsa/ UNIANLeaders of the parties, entering the “Our Ukraine” bloc exchange by symbol handshake after the signing of the Agreement on foundation of 10-party bloc for parliamentary elections-2002, Kuiv, January 9, 2002.
SCL was successful with the contract. The problem with the work became apparent after the fact. As soon as the stimulus was removed, people normalized and got on with life. All the changes were temporary.
wayback machine orange revolution Ukraine
There were no lasting changes made either to turn the country toward Ukrainian nationalism or the cannibalistic practices its leaders practiced toward the nation's wealth.

Just three months before the Orange Revolution in a 2004 interview, Mykola Plavyuk, OUNm leader, founder of the Ukrainian World Congress, and the last UNR Diaspora president who turned over the Ukrainian State to Leonid Kravchuk in 1991 had this to say;
But today, quite often, our Ukraine is called non-Ukrainian ...Therefore, my work is realized in accordance with the slogan "OUN — for national and social justice in an independent national Ukrainian state. It is unlikely that the current generation of compatriots(political leaders) will survive when this slogan is embodied in the concrete actions.
The old guard OUN wasn't happy with the fact that the next election reinstalled Victor Yanukovych in 2010. When Yanukovich imprisoned Tymoshenko in 2011, the US-OUNb responded with;
The OUN (Bandera wing) called for the release of Ms. Tymoshenko and Mr. Lutsenko, and demanded judicial proceedings based on democratic principles and with the participation of international experts. Otherwise, the organization said in a release on August 6, the correct response on the part of both the diaspora (US-OUN)and Ukrainians in the homeland would be a boycott of representatives of the Ukraine's authorities. — Ukraine Weekly
Obama-Biden used the entire US government to support SCL in Ukraine

Part of what you'll see is SCL's responsibility for the break-up of Ukraine. All of this was pre-planned, pre-staged, and Ukraine's version of Antifa-BLM fighters called Pravy Sektor (Right Sector) were the tools that made it happen.

After the Maidan coup in 2014, an interim government was established until there was a Presidential election on March 25th 2014. If Crimea and Donbass were still part of Ukraine at that time, the coup would have been reversed because Crimea and Donbass voted. Victor Yanukovych would have been elected a 3rd time.

These Gallup Poll headlines tell the post-Maidan story in the part of Ukraine not affected by the war. Yanukovych was twice as popular with Ukrainians as any government since his overthrow.
headlines gallup polls
© Gallup
PRO-TIP — Almost everything you know about Ukraine, Crimea, and Donbass is part of SCL's Information Operation. As soon as it's clear they controlled all the events including starting the war in Donbass, Russia has the right to demand all sanctions imposed due to the SCL effort be removed.
Turnbull(SCL-CA executive) bragged about a job subcontracted to another company (IOTA Global) in an unidentified Eastern European nation (Ukraine)- and no one seemed to know they were there.

"They ghosted in, did the work, ghosted out, and produced really, really, good material, " Turnbull said. So we have experience doing this.

The company, which was hired for a time by the Trump campaign, is at the center of a major data scandal after Facebook admitted the company purged information on 50 million users.

But using data to influence voters was just part of how Cambridge influenced elections, according to an undercover report by Britain's Channel 4 News Cambridge Analytica executives bragged about prostitution stings, swaying elections with misinformation

"It sounds dreadful to say, but these are things that we don't necessarily need to be true, as long as they're believed," Alexander Nix, the company's CEO, is seen telling an undercover fixer.

Cambridge Analytica executives bragged about prostitution stings, swaying elections with misinformationNY Daily News


To hide its involvement, Turnbull said Cambridge Analytica often uses subcontractors to cover its tracks. "It may be that we have to contract under a different name — a different entity with a different name so that no record exists with our name attached to it at all," he explained to the undercover reporters.

Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix describes "shadow" election tactics — CBS News
What SCL didn't realize was that someone was watching. Someone realized in 2015 that this was also heading back to be implemented in the US as well.

SCL started laying the groundwork for the 2014 Ukrainian coup in 2011. The client was the US-OUNb and Canadian OUN Diasporas for the reasons listed above. The process worked but the results reverted back to cultural norms.

When Pravy Sektor (leadership comprised of former Slava Stetsko political party footsoldiers) attacked the police at the nascent student protests in late 2013, it sparked what would become the Pravy Sektor driven coup to oust Yanukovych one last time.

In August 2014, Yarosh stated openly he was getting prepared for the revolution coming that winter. During this time, SCL would have to have measured sentiment in each region so decisions could be made ahead of time how to handle each one.

Pravy Sektor members have been part of SCL's operation from this period onward. The good thing about this distinction is it makes pegging SCL involvement easy during the earlier months.

From the very beginning, the Obama-Biden administration subjugated the Administration, State Department, BBG, and ODNI to SCL and only reported the information SCL wanted out to support the coup. SCL brought most of MSM on board right away through the US-OUNb Diaspora clients.

SCL's choice for the Maidan spokesman was 17-year-old Sviatoslav Yurash, who was the spokesman for Pravy Sektor, the Opposition leadership including Klitschko, Tyhanybok, Poroshenko, and Yatsenyuk.
Sviatoslav Yurash Ukraine orange revolution SCL group psyop
© 60 MinutesSviatoslav Yurash (born 1996) is a Ukrainian man who in 2014 was in charge of the media operation of the Euromaidan protesters during the Ukrainian Revolution.
They developed the concept of volunteerism (Antifa-BLM) so it would take away legal responsibility from participants because it was "not" organized. Regardless of what was damaged or who was murdered, no one was responsible. The concept calls this legal and acceptable political speech-action.

Directly following the February 22, 2014, Yanukovych overthrow, Yulia Tymoshenko was released from prison and a milestone was reached.

Following the coup, Pravy Sektor destroyed buses leaving Kiev going to Crimea, murdering most of the passengers, and giving the broken survivors the message they would be in Crimea soon.
right sector pravy sektor
© AFP Photo / Anatolii BoikoKiev, January 19, 2014.
When the secession of Crimea is looked at through this lens, Pravy Sektor's actions only make sense if they are trying to push Crimea away. There was no way they could stay in the new Ukraine and Kiev couldn't hold them.

Before the Crimean referendum, Pravy Sektor started videoing the murder of police chiefs and town officials which they SMS'd across Crimea and Donbass. SCL is a party to murders like this. The Obama-Biden support for SCL's contract included events like this stretching over years.
ukraine police chief murdered
Police chief murdered in his home in front of his wife
Pravy Sektor groups started raiding and rioting in cities across Donbass the same way Antifa-BLM is doing in the US today. It is the same playbook. The people came out and stood behind the police pushing the violent thugs out of their cities as soon as they showed up.
  • SCL successfully shattered Ukraine. After the nationalists won a reign of terror and murder ensued.
  • From March 3rd to July 9th, the US threw 9 rounds of sanctions on Russia supporting SCL's work.
  • According to Jen Psaki all Intelligence the US had come from Ukraine. It was all SCL sources shaping US policy and opinion. Russian sanctions ensued.
  • Mainstream media was totally on board with the operation from the beginning of the coup. The media weren't just complicit; this is where MSM became actors involved in the events.
SCL's Odessa Massacre foreshadowed Antifa-BLM in the US

After the 2014 coup in Kiev, many of the regions sought federalization to protect their citizens from rioting, looting, and murder that became prevalent where nationalists had control. This had to be done by organizing referendums.

Part of what SCL does is weigh outcomes. They would know what buttons to push to make the referendum happen it areas they needed conflict (close to the Russian border) and how to stop it dead in the water in areas they needed to be pacified. Odessa was pacified.

Federalization means state's rights. Nothing more. In the US where the riots are going on the states are exercising those rights to allow the riots, burning cities, and looting while keeping the Federal government out of the picture.

These photos show both sides of the riots. While the people on the left saw death coming at them, the woman on the right looks like she's taking a vacation picture at a tourist attraction while people from her city burn to death. This is what SCL does.
odessa massacre fire
The official version of the mass murder at the Odessa Trade Union in 2014 at Wikipedia states-
"The worst incident occurred on 2 May, when 46 pro-federalism (anti-Maidan) and two pro-Ukrainian unity activists were killed and over 200 people were injured during a confrontation in the city center and at the Trade Unions House."
The real version shows 100 bodies taken out of the basement before the body count was taken and another 200 people missing outside after Pravy Sektor murdered men, women, and children.

American news accounts of the riots and rioters in the US are beginning to match this unreported horror.

The MH17 shootdown was never investigated it was an SCL payable item

MH17 cockpit damage reconstruction
© REUTERS/ Michael Kooren
After the MH17 shootdown, IOTA Global was officially hired to handle the whole country IO. All the news in the west was comfortably in the hands of SCL already. A few days after the MH-17 shootdown, the Canadian government picked up the cost of IOTAs part of the contract for developing the Russian BUK shootdown story. The timeline and benchmarks are given in the Ukraine timeline article.

From this point, IOTA's group developed Ukraine's ability to conduct information operations against Russia and through the Obama-Biden administration, against US citizens and media not towing the SCL line.

Why would the Canadian government pay for a part of the US-OUNb, Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) project?

In his paper; Long-Distance Nationalism: Ukrainian Monuments and Historical Memory in Multicultural Canada, Per A. Rudling shows exactly why this happened. The Canadian OUN exert just as much power over foreign policy as their US-OUNb cousins in the US. When you control foreign policy, you shape domestic perceptions. It gives you the power to redefine what patriotism is and change the fabric of the nation.
Ironically, Trudeau, whose policies made him one of the Ukrainian Nationalists' most prominent benefactors, not only opposed Ukrainian separatism, but nationalism as such.

This, in turn, aided the organized Ukrainian Nationalists in mobilizing 'ethnic' block votes in several key ridings, not least in the Toronto area, allowing them to yield significant political influence over Canadian foreign policy vis-à-vis Ukraine.

In 2013, a satisfied UCC reported that, for the second year in a row, 'Paul Grod has been once again named as one of the top 80 influencing Canadian foreign policy by Embassy Magazine, a prominent Ottawa-based publication'

('Ukrainian Canadian Congress President Listed' 2012; In a January 2017 reshuffle of his cabinet, Trudeau replaced Dion with the journalist Chrystia Freeland (b.1968) as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Raised in the Ukrainian community in Alberta, and with a background in the nationalist scouting organization Plast, Freeland works closely with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, referring to Paul Grod as a 'friend.'
The net result of the SCL MH17 is there will never be justice for the victim's families. All the sources used by the Joint Investigative Team (JIT) was part of SCL's Information Operation team. Bellingcat was brought in as SCL's developing independent researcher for MH17 and SCL's Syria project.

Bellingcat is winning awards for taking part in SCL information operation projects. The following image is one of Bellingcat's top researchers interacting with SCL's lead in the Ukrainian Ministry of Information Deputy Minister, Dimitro Zolotukhin.
tweets SCL information psyop Bellingcat
© Twitter/Christo Grozev
The question this raises is simple. If SCL destroys countries as part of their operating procedure and have no problem with murder;

Who shot down MH17?

Pravy Sektor and all the nationalist groups were working with SCL as the boots on the ground. The nationalist groups are strewn across the frontlines. The only winner so far is SCL's accounts payable. Russia scored another 17 rounds of sanctions. Until there is an investigation that doesn't include SCL, we'll never know what happened.

SCL uses Infiltration and narrative IO groups

In 2016, SCL started a new contract with Ukraine. To do so, they had to get US-OUNb approval in New York. I found the Ukrainian-SCL spy handler who was also an Obama-Biden State Department contractor in 2018. Connecting the Diaspora to Ukraine's Monsters Through a Ukrainian Diaspora Handler

What I found was an SCL subproject using more than 12 networks of people across Donbass to pass heavily colored stories back through the SCL chain directly to US Congressional committees. At least one of the network leaders was an OSCE monitor. Others were from the Antifa-BLM type groups under Dimitro Yarosh. I never wrote about the networks themselves. I gave the information to the proper authorities so investigations could be done if they deemed it fit to do them.

ukraine neo nazis riots SCL psyop
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Cambridge Analytica: The data firm's global influence

All of the Russian hack and influence stories that plagued the Trump administration all the way through the Congressional impeachment hearings have SCL as their primary sources.
  • The Russian influence narrative was written in Kiev by Shaltay Boltay while working with SCL. This includes everything from the St. Petersburg troll farm onward. SCL products are the primary sources.
  • The DNC hack narrative evidence all comes from SCL operatives in the US and Ukraine
  • The Russian collusion narrative was spun by SCL operatives. It began as a means to destroy dissenting progressive media and rolled over into the Trump administration
  • Obama administration carry-overs, FBI, CIA, ODNI, and the Intel community all acted in unison supporting the narratives SCL wove to destroy the US presidency.
  • SCL-IO media domination is now a flagrant reality.
  • Antifa-BLM support is the same groups behind the IO.
Concluding SCL

You've been thrown into this for the last seven years. We've been in this for the last seven years. Until fairly recently, no one could have told you that believably. For seven years I've sat in a war zone writing this story. I spent five of those documenting how it was coming back to you.

Even now, finding yourselves in the same situation we were in early in the spring of 2014, many of you still think of Donbass in the terms SCL built for you. In reality, the people here are the same as you. They just took the stand Kyle Rittenhouse did early on and protected their families from Pravy Sektor groups that found their way into US protests now.

Forming Lugansk People's Republic (LNR) and Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) had nothing to do with politics. It was about people surviving. Our SCL-Antifa-BLM attacked with tanks and artillery.

These groups started the worst of the violence after they won the country.

The only way to stop this is for Donald Trump to win the election and shut off the source. Make this illegal. And then make sure it can't happen again.

Right now, Ukraine's President Zelenskiy is waiting to attack again when it helps a Joe Biden win and for the first time in seven years, military equipment was mobilized near Crimea.

I don't care that the United States won't ever recognize LNR or DNR regardless that your help comes from here. But, you can put a chain on the animals shelling the civilians in towns and cities across the region.

If the lobbies behind this are broken, Ukraine's will to make war will cease.

Obama-Biden, the DNC, Congressional leaders from both parties, ODNI heads, the FBI, big media, and all the people behind this have broken faith with the American people and torn the fabric that binds America together. Is there another way of putting this?

SCL must be broken. The Intel community has to be brought back under the agencies again. If not, you're just kicking the ball down the road for another generation to fight it.

The next article will show how these methodologies funneled groups with very different agendas into the coup.