Food standards are being lowered in secret trade deals agreed behind closed doors, writes Colin Todhunter in Off-Guardian From Toxic Food to Agrarian Disaster: Dirty Deals Done Dirt Cheap His analysis is right but the conclusion is not as easy as setting up citizen juries. We need something much bigger.

Here's the problem: A small group is trying to seize control of the global economy but they must use force; they can get no further by peace. The resource wars are no longer about land but about human resources: the people are no longer consumers but a cost base to be exploited or solved. The Great Reset: Eliminating the points at which populations cost money and find new ways to monetize the masses.

There's a problem: it won't work. A market economy is no longer possible once the same interests control more than X% of the market. You get Dirigisme, Gosplan, the banks/corporations/interests supplant the economy. The corporation IS the government IS the corporation. All dominant interests serve the same interests.

The winners have to win so you get managed outcomes. Those interests censor information contrary to their own interests resulting in a filter bubble: the narrower the sources of information, the more they gain authority. Information is reinforced as it becomes detached from reality. Knowledge is replaced by a model of the world outside.

Here's the evidence: Look at the proposals at the World Economic Forum and the World Wildlife Fund revealed this past month. No! Not the cozy panda or the claims that it's to 'save the climate'. That is all a front, like Covid, like vaccines, like the offer of a techtronic future where your fridge tells your car to go collect groceries. Read the proposals from WEF and WWF: you won't have a car and you will be content with your ration.

Look the Commodity Traders, Industrial Chemicals, GM seeds and fertilizers, Amazon and UN2030 and Agenda 21... DNA-altering Big Pharma working together with Big Tech to map your DNA, trace contacts and work with the Banks to determine your social credit and digital wallet... Now interpret: what does those elements working together mean for the world you are going to live in?

Look at the narrow strata of interests behind them. Who owns them? Then look at the tax-exempt foundations and the future they are discussing. What do they use their philanthropy to promote?

By the way, if you're not yet convinced that the International Monetary Fund and World Bank have always been a Trojan horse for banks and corporations and the vested interests behind them, watch the documentary Princes of the Yen.

They will Map the Future but it will not work. The best analogy is from plants. Back in the 1930s the dust bowl was largely man made. So was the Irish famine of the 1840s. In both cases farmers had abandoned diversity and planted the same few high-yielding varieties of corn and potatoes. When the blight came it spread rapidly through identical varieties and the bulk of the crop got wiped out. Managed outcomes have a habit of backfiring.

The famous Soviet technocrat Trofim Lysenko claimed that wheat could be modified, forced to adapt to the environment, and that he could grow winter wheat to solve the problem of Russia's short growing season. Biology was a social construct. Plants, like people, are created by their environment. They can be modified in real time.

Lysenko's words were like music to the ears of the Marxist establishment because they had caused one famine already, in 1932-33, by repressing the successful farmers and centralizing control of agriculture. That killed an estimated 10 million people.

Winter wheat was to be a managed outcome, a technocratic solution to a human problem: the need to close the market economy and remove political opposition by repressing the small farmers and small business. Out with the old science, in with the new: Lysenko captured political minds, censored research he didn't agree with, imprisoned geneticists and banned whole fields of research. The result was more famine.

Centralization and globalization by the same interests behind the same banks and corporations cannot work except by force and enslavement. Even then it will not be sustainable.

Innovation does not happen in totalitarian economies because by definition the outcomes must benefit a specific interest group. That is why the fascists and the Bolsheviks both worshiped Ford! He's right there in Brave New World: Our Ford. They loved his ideas but they could not make them work. They had to import innovation from the USA. They bought whole production lines, entire factories from Ford. The same thing will happen with the glorious Globalist, One-World, Carbon Neutral, Climate Friendly, Soylent Paradise. Except we won't have the USA.

We are being sold a lie: That we'll get our digital comforts in a controlled society - yet wealth is rationed... ... ... Equity for all: everybody gets what they deserve - yet everyone gets the same... ... ... Surveillance and social control - yet with the freedom to innovate.

These goals are not compatible. Technocracy = corporatism = fascism = reactionary. We are being sold a lie in the guise of the need to "save the planet" or "save the environment" or "rebel against extinction" or "fight the carbon" or "fight the virus" but the answer is always the same: give up your liberties, close down the market, centralize control.

The cult around Elon Musk is cultural programming to convince us that some brilliant guys have all the answers. Strangely he's also a carmaker like Henry Ford. Talk about history repeating itself! We don't need to innovate because Musk/Ford has done it for us. They're just so incredible we can trust them to save the planet, solve the energy crisis and give us every imaginable high tech toy.

Technology as a gift from the gods is a central part of the lie. Hollywood and the media sell the myth that our digital age was invented by those bespectacled geeks in white coats at MIT and Stanford and Silicon Valley and DARPA... ... All that good stuff comes from the liberal technocratic elite. Yet look how they treated Dr Shiva Ayyadurai - launching a coordinated slander in the popular mechanical press - all because a guy from a poor background in India can prove he invented email.

Comment: Perhaps, then again Dr. Shiva also appears to have his own agenda: Critical questions for Dr.Shiva about his attempts to splinter the health freedom movement

Innovation has never come from the top. Let alone from a small group at the top. Innovation has always come from mavericks outside the system. But an interest group can only dominate by repressing the majority -- especially the mavericks and individualists, and the awkward, introverted sods who don't wear masks and have no social distancing skills and don't even hear the orders because they don't watch TV.

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