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The coronavirus panic, as unwarranted as it was, is serving as the justification for whole host of technologies rarely imagined in the recent past. With a tanking economy, the quick erosion of civil liberties and a citizenry desperate and afraid, the top-down control of the populace the elite have dreamed of for centuries seems easily within their reach.

Contact tracing, 5G surveillance state, immunity passports, data mining, cashless society - our post-plandemic world is starting to look a whole lot like something out of dystopian science fiction story. As so many of these 'future' technologies start becoming the present world, is anyone slowing down to think about where we're heading? Is this level of technocracy what people are asking for?

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we look at the Brave New Normal of the technocratic Big Brother state. The future is here, and it's grim.

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Here's the transcript of the show:

Erica: Hi, and welcome to Objective Health. I am your host today, my name is Erica and joining me in the virtual studio are Doug, Elliot, Tiffany, and in the background is Damian. Thanks all for joining today.


Erica: Today, we are going to talk about the Brave New World that we are actually living in. [laughter[ You can't make this stuff up. Every day, I wake up asking "What's today going to bring?" For those who are not familiar with Aldous Huxley's book, it was written over 60 years ago and it foresaw a future where social control had been perfected through the dumbing down of people, genetic engineering and the prodigious use of recreational drugs and no-strings sex. That's a little summary of what the book is about and we are seeing it happen live, direct and daily.

Tiffany: We are not even in the thick of it yet. We already have no-strings sex and the prodigious use of drugs, whether they're street drugs of pharmaceuticals. We haven't perfected the population control yet but we are well on our way.

Erica: Exactly. One of the themes in the book is this idea of acquiescence to authority in comparison to George Orwell's 1984 where you have that boot on your face or your neck or wherever it is and they are holding you down. In Brave New World this control or acquiescence to authority would be more through mindless consumerism which is imposed and bludgeoned on in a very manipulative or sneaky way I guess is the term I would use. You still have your freedom to do what you like, but it increasingly becomes dystopian.

Doug: They control what you like when they control what you can do.

Tiffany: Right.

Erica: I hope that in this show today we can cover a few things that we're seeing. I was mentioning to my guest before the show that when we read articles for these shows you think "gosh this is exactly what is happening right now" and you look at the date on the article and it was written in 2012. When we share these ideas a few weeks ago on this show there is this whole idea that they are conspiracy theories and now all of a sudden these conspiracy theories are becoming conspiracy facts.

It almost boggles the mind. I almost feel a sense of vertigo or deja vu, am I really witnessing this or have I read so much about conspiracy theories over the years that now I'm creating this narrative in my mind to explain the madness that's happening around me?

One of the things that I wanted to mention is this idea of contact tracing and how we are going to start monitoring people that may or may not have had the virus through technology like cell phones, and where this can go. You can think "I don't own a cell phone" or "I have a dumb phone" or "I turn it off and I don't take it where I go" but that doesn't mean that every person that you interact with daily once you are allowed to leave your environment, your home isolation, doesn't have technology which is also going to be tracking and tracing you. Even if you "opt out" your life is still going to be monitored.

Doug: There are still satellites, CCTV cameras, medical devices and all these different kinds of things that are tracking you. Covid was the excuse to roll all of this stuff out. That's what it seems like to me anyway. It was already coming for a long time but it really kicked into high gear once they had the excuse. The contact tracing is the excuse to roll all this kind of stuff out and they're more likely to get acceptance for that from most of the population because it's for everybody's safety. It's for our own good, it's to prevent deaths, etc. People don't see it as the insidious thing that it actually is.

Tiffany: As long as they say that it's for your health then people will go along with it, but if they didn't have that little caveat on there most people would be like:

"Come to my house and ask how I'm doing! What are you talking about? Come take my temperature? Have to have my temperature checked before I go into this place?! Are you stupid?! Wear a piece of cloth on my face?! Are you insane?!" "But it's for your health!" "Oh, ok. I'll go along with it."

Doug: Exactly.

Erica: We're seeing this whole idea of illegal surveillance, arrest, potential incarceration without due process.

Doug: It's true.

Tiffany: I don't know if it was some health official or law enforcement official in Ventura County, California, but he was talking about how they are going to be training all these contact tracers to come to people's houses and do wellness checks and if someone tested positive for Covid-19 they want to make sure that they were safe and that they quarantined themselves in their houses; however, if they live in a house where two or three other people live and they only have one bathroom, then that's not good so these people are going to have to "go to one of our facilities which we have ready" as long as they are treated with dignity of course "and they'll have to be quarantined there because they don't have their own bathroom."

I'm thinking, are these facilities that they are going to take them to going to have their own private bathrooms? I'm sure, but even the thought of this! You're going to take me out of my house because I tested positive for some "nothing-burger" virus and send me to some facility?! Are you crazy?!

Doug: It's insane. People did get up in arms about that and the guy did have to walk it back some, but that's fully the intent. I think he showed his hand there.

Tiffany: He meant what he said.

Doug: I don't know who that guy was. [Dr. Robert Levin, the director of Ventura County Public Health]

Tiffany: Other people said similar things, this is going on worldwide. This is obviously, obviously planned out. I mean, come on!

Doug: The one thing that I find really curious is how much the whole 5G network seems to tie in with all of this, the 5G thing and the whole internet of things. We did a show in the past where we were talking about it and we were saying "Who the hell wants this? Why do you want your fridge and your toaster hooked up to the internet? It doesn't make any sense."

Now it makes sense because those things are data vacuums basically, they are just sucking up all your data. Where have you been, what are you buying, what did you put in your fridge, what's going on here? This whole 5G network and this whole internet of things is the new spying state, that's what it is. Before it seemed silly, nobody wants this stuff, but now I get it. That's what's going on.

Tiffany: Another thing about 5G, there are people out there saying that Covid was caused by 5G. I don't believe that at all. But you have to realise that while they were designating certain businesses or certain jobs as essential or non-essential 5G was still being installed while people were on lockdown. So the authorities think that 5G is essential. Why do they think it's essential? It's essential to them for some reason. We know what that reason is of course. They want absolute information awareness over everybody.

Doug: At all times.

Erica: That could be used against you in the future. If you think about the cellphone technology of recording your conversations or even if you have a cough. As a joke when I'm on the phone, if I cough this paranoid thought goes through my mind and I say "It's just a lingering dry cough, it's the pollen". How do you know that all of a sudden a message isn't going to pop up saying "you need to be tested!"

Doug: "Is that a cough we hear?"

Tiffany: Alexa will start talking to you, "I noticed that you have coughed, you need to report to your nearest Amazon testing facility within 24-hours." {laughter}

Doug: It's not far off.I bet that that's probably pretty accurate. The other thing that's pretty crazy too is all the medical devices that are coming out. You breath into a thing and it tests the air that you are breathing out and it is then read by your cell phone. It's probably going to get to the point where people don't even have to go anywhere for testing. The climate regulation in their house is scanning all the viruses that are coming through it at all times and "Somebody in your house has Covid so we are locking it down and dragging you from your homes." I don't know, maybe that's a bit further off.

I read about these different medical devices and think that it's pretty crazy. It can take your blood and determine whether or not there are viruses or bacteria there and you get the reading on your cell phone. Of course, it's instantly wired to your doctor, your health insurance company and the officials, the contact tracing authorities.

Tiffany: The authoritize .

Erica: If you are in the US and you're out of work then they are going to be offering jobs to Americans. They are looking for upward of 300,000 people to be contact tracers. This was on CBS News. They were saying that as historic unemployment levels soar the hottest job of the year could be a life saver: a contact tracer. You can make up to $65,000 a year.

Roger Shapiro, professor of medicine at Harvard School of Public Health says "I do think that it's a fantastic job for people who have been furloughed and it's something that people can be trained to do. It takes some training, but it's not impossible to train almost anybody with reasonable social skills who can work off a script, begin a conversation with people and convey key messages and collect data."

Doug: Snitches.

Erica: Yeah. It's like you were saying, Tiff, they come into your house and say "We'll take Johnny down to the centre" which we have speculated over the years to be beneath Walmart or something. {laughter} They'll monitor for your health impacts and God forbid you should spread it to anybody in your family. Insane! You can't make this shit up. Excuse me - stuff. {Laughter}

Tiffany: I'm from the government and I'm here to help - were some of the scariest words ever uttered. I don't know who said that.

Elliot: The thing is, this was the stuff of movies, crappy 1970's movies, 30 years in the future. Then, gradually in the past 15 years or so you've had conspiracy theorists who have come out and said this is going to happen. They could easily have been dismissed as doomsday tellers and as having irrational fears of this technocratic, authoritarian state that was not immediately apparent at the time.

Since this Covid stuff it's now a very real possibility, especially as things are really heating up. Everything is really speeding along. They have the basis to launch a lot of the stuff that they had in place for many years. We've had bits of information coming out here and there and it has been on SOTT for however long, and all of it has never really fit together in any real way. In a previous show, Erica, you said this Covid stuff is like 9-11 on steroids. When you have one of these events, it speeds the timeline along. It's putting it on superdrive.

Now we have had this event, everything now has free reign to go onto superdrive. They can quite easily introduce all of this really crazy stuff now, they have got a good reason to. I think people will accept it as well. With this contract tracing stuff, many people think that that's a good thing and that it's helpful for society and that they're doing a good job and that they're helping to protect the health of the elderly. If you look at it from a different perspective you can see that it's a pretty dangerous thing that we have got going on here. When it's in the name of protecting society then many people jump on it.

Erica: It's also this idea that we are not going to be able to open until these types of secure measures are in place, that's the real mind bender. Here, people are barely surviving, if theyre surviving. Here in the US, I think unemployment claims are up to a million. People are ready to get to earning money to support their families and so "You have to do this in order to do that." Out of desperation, most people are like, "Okay, I'll take the vaccine, I'll take the contact tracer, I have just got to get back to work so I can pay my mortgage." It's that fear-driven mentality without thinking it though. What does this mean now? Does the contact tracing end once this virus peters out and the end of next year or is it just going to become the new norm? It's going to be something different.

Doug: I'm thinking it's the new norm. The other thing besides the contact tracing is the immunity passport where you have something on you that indicates your immune status. Really, that's a codeword for saying whether or not you've had the vaccine or what vaccines you have actually had. Just the fact that it's a passport linking it to travel, where are you not allowed to go if your immunity passport is not up to date and if you don't have all the shots that you are supposed to have? It's the same idea, though the contact tracing is more like trying to follow the virus as it spreads through. But the immunity passport is almost more sinister because it's following everything that you do. Who knows what this passport is going to be necessary for? Are you going to be able to buy and sell goods if you don't have your immunity passport up to date? How far are you going to be able to travel? Can you walk around the block? Any of those kinds of things.

Of course, there is talk of it being a tattoo as well, and it is backed up by the fact that Bill Gates has patents out on all that kind of stuff and that they are actually working on it, that you have a tattoo or some kind of fancy microchip or barcode or something like that which is essentially a database of your health and vaccination status.

Erica: And he has been doing it in India. I didn't realise this until recently that they have rolled out just what you are talking about, Doug, in India on over a billion people. His premise behind it was "We're offering people opportunity because now they can get money and now they can have access to things that they didn't have before." It is just so frightening.

Like Huxley talked about in Brave New World, it's all by consent. People are consenting because they think it's going to provide more of an opportunity for them in the future, without looking at the possibilities for complete and total control of every aspect of your life, and freedom of movement, as you were saying.

Tiffany: Even if you don't have a vaccine with a microchip or anything like that in it, there are some officials that are calling for people being tested every single day before they can even leave their houses.

Doug: Oh my god!

Tiffany: If your Covid test comes out positive then whoops! Oh well. I guess I can't go to work today, I have to isolate myself. If your husband or your wife tested positive then you have to stay in the house. You have to get tested every day before you can do anything. You don't really need a microchip in order to restrict your movement because we don't have that now and people are willingly staying in their houses just because somebody told them to.

Doug: That's true. It reminds me of the old comminist regimes where any cop could approach you on the street and say "Papers please. Show me your papers." It's the same kind of thing "Show me your immunity passport, let me see it." Regardless of what form it's in, whether it's a tattoo or a microchip or your phone or literally a sheet of paper ,you're going to have to produce that. There is no freedom of movement. You can't even go to the corner store.

Tiffany: Speaking of smart appliances, you know those smart locks on your doors? I was just thinking, what if they just locked you in your house? People are chanting "Build that wall, build that wall!" Well do you think that maybe that wall is meant to keep you in? {laughter}

Doug: That's a good point.

Elliot: It sets a very dangerous precedent in that any potential dissenting voice in society, anyone who speaks out against what's going on, could very well become the enemy of the state, so to speak. They could have 100% full control over everything that you do and completely erase you from society, just erase you completely. You can no longer exist. You can no longer go to the store. You can no longer get in your house. You can't get out of your house. The way that this could go is dangerous.

Doug: The other thing that they are trying to do is get rid of cash. Ever since this whole Covid thing has been going on they have been talking about how dangerous cash is because it's passing between hands. If that goes completely digital then they'll have complete control over your wallet too.

Tiffany: If you consider the inaccuracy of these Covid-19 tests in the first place then you could test positive and you certainly don't have Covid-19. Or they could just say you tested positive for Covid-19, or if you happen to be a dissenter or go against the grain or speak about going against the grain or question anything in public, they could just say "Oh, he tested positive for Covid-19, he is going to have to go to one of these detention centres." Any of that could happen.

Erica: It goes back to the fact that your rights are done, you don't have an opportunity to prove otherwise. "Can I have a second opinion? Maybe your test didn't work, maybe I should take another test." You're automatically guilty and it's really hard to come back from that.

Tiffany: Who would stand behind you? Not the people who are calling the people who are protesting "selfish". They're certainly not going to stand up for you even though you're standing up for their rights by doing what you are doing in the first place.

Erica: One thing that was interesting about the contact tracing was that apparently it's a House of Representatives bill and the number of it is 6666.

Doug: Can you believe it?

Tiffany: All the other numbers were taken. {laughter}

Doug: Exactly, it just so happens.

Erica: This has got to be The Onion right? No, this can't be real. A $100 billion of taxpayer money is going to fund this type of thing with entities like the CDC choosing how this money is allocated. You can't make this up.

Tiffany: Speaking of 666, Robert F. Kennedy wrote a really good article on his Children's Health Defense: The Brave New World of Bill Gates and Big Telecom. Bill Gates is all over this thing.

Doug: Yeah, he is.

Tiffany: You just lift up one corner and there he is in his stupid little sweater. {laughter} He has a patent out WO|2020|060606.

Erica: What!

Doug: It's a crazy one too.

Tiffany: It's straight out of the Matrix! I could not believe it when I first heard about it. I guess this device is a cryptocurrency system and it's capable of using body activity data to mine Bitcoin in response to compliance with assigned tasks. This device can measure your bodily functions and it doesn't draw energy but I guess it translates your bodily functions into energy and they mine that to make cryptocurrencies?!

Doug: I have never really understood how cryptocurrency mining actually works. It doesn't really make a lot of sense to me. It's something like using your biology, when you complete a particular task, or watch an ad or whatever the case may be, it somehow converts that into currency and you get paid for it.

Erica: Well that's straight out of the Matrix.

Tiffany: I don't know if any of you have ever seen that episode of Black Mirror called Fifteen Million Merits-S1-E2 where there is a bunch of young people and they lived in this world where they went to this facility every day and they just pedaled a bike all day long and they would get points or something that they could use to pay for things.

At night, they went into this little cubicle which was their bed and it was surrounded by TV screens and they were forced to watch ads and if they tried to ignore it, it would keep coming at them, keep coming at them and they had to watch this or whatever the algorithm recommended for them. They pedaled all day on these bikes and that's how they were able to live, if you could call what they were doing living.

Doug: That was a crazy episode.

Tiffany: Bill Gates thinks that this kind of thing is just awesome apparently.

Doug: Reading that whole article by RFK Jr. made me go "really?" It's like you said at the beginning of the show, Erica, it is now, this is now. Black Mirror was only off by a couple of years basically, we are more or less there.

Erica: They talk about controlling reproduction in that article too and how he invested $18 million in microchips in a company that developed birth control implant chips with wireless on and off switches? Just listening to him talk about population control and how if they just give people vaccines and these birth control chips that it's going to make the population healthier so that people don't have as many children. You listen to this guy and you're like, who is talking in his little piece? It's what I want to know. {laughter}

Tiffany: That's the scary part, somebody is telling him what to do.

Erica: Exactly! And people buy it! People are like "oh my God, he is the greatest thing ever, that's so great!"

Doug: That's one of the craziest things, seeing things float around on Facebook talking about how great Bill Gates is and how he saves babies in Africa and all this kind of stuff. Do a little bit of reading, man. This guy is not who you think he is. The stuff that he is bringing out is not in your best interests. We did our last show on authoritarians and he is the ultimate authoritarian right now. He is the pinnacle. He is the boss. He is the lead authoritarian, the final boss.

Elliot: Your final boss! {Laughter}

Tiffany: If you look at some of the comments under his Instagram, not everybody thinks that this guy is hot-shit.

Doug: That's true.

Tiffany: But the news media, to have them tell it he is just God incarnate.

Erica: Yeah, he is a philanthropist. We could go on and on, but I really do recommend to our listeners and our viewers to go back and give Brave New World a read. It is on audiobook too which is great because it's got the British accent of the reader. Also, George Orwell's 1984, and even Animal Farm because you read these things and then you go out in your community and you see what's happening on the news and whatnot and you are like wow, you can not make this up, this is really happening in real time. I think it's important for those of us that can see it to witness it and to talk about it and to share the information with others because it's a slippery slope.

I thank you all for joining us, please "like" and subscribe. We look forward to coming back again and sharing as this whole brave new world develops right before our very eyes. Have a great day everyone.