China tornado

Large tornado captured in Xilinhot, north-eastern China
Motorists have captured the terrifying moment a tornado hovered through the Chinese countryside, appearing to approach their cars.

The giant column of wind struck the suburbs of Xilinhot city in north-eastern China's Inner Mongolia on Wednesday afternoon, according to China's weather authority.

One video released by the Chinese National Meteorological Center (NMC) on Twitter-like Weibo shows one motorist filming the giant column of wind from a fair distance.

In the 28-second clip, the man behind the camera yelled 'look at that tornado' at another driver who was also recording the dramatic phenomenon.

The second man then told the videographer to park his car properly, but the latter insisted 'it will be fine'.

The cyclone formed at around 2:30pm near the New Vehicle Administration Station of Xilinhot, said the NMC.

A second video shared by the weather authority shows a motorist filming the twister at a much closer distance.

The 15-second footage, uploaded by an account known as 'Ximeng Impression', shows the twister heading towards several parked cars when one person took a video of it calmly.

No casualties or damage have been reported as a result of the adverse weather condition.