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The Black Lives Matter movement is insane, AND it has now become a political party, perhaps the most powerful political party in the United States. The effect this movement and its supporters have had on an already weakened and dispirited American populace is dangerous, despite the polled prevalence of common sense.

The "Defund the Police" drive is really a drive to replace the present police force with a new one, one that has partisan alignment, much as such forces in Third World nations have. Tucker analyzes all of this. This report is particularly good because all of the relevant information is in one place.

To any person capable of critical thinking and even a modicum of logic, of course, Defund the Police is patently absurd. But there are a lot of Americans now who are either too lazy or too conditioned by fifty years of liberalizing left-wing influence to even wish to think this matter through on their own. Political opportunists have a field day when a population is like some of ours is now.

The point of view I hold on this is that Black Lives Matter is a complete farce. George Floyd's killing was so convenienty depicted on video that we can easily forget the fact that most such events do not happen where someone has a high-quality camera on hand and is able to catch the killing as it takes place. While this does happen now somewhat, because of the ubiquity of smartphones with good cameras, the skill and precision with which the Floyd events were recorded suggests some degree of professionalism. I see a lot of poorly made high-res video clips of various events, even with our modern technology. There is something patently staged about what happened here. For all I know, Mr. Floyd might even be alive and well somewhere, unless those same powers decided that for insurance purposes it would be better to off him anyway.

This certainly sounds like conspiracy nuttery, but consider: We are still coming through a massive exercise in fearmongering that extended its reach all over the world - the COVID-19 pandemic. The disease is far, far less than the fearful narrative that we have been given, and most of the world shut down for three months as people cowered in fear of a virus that now appears to have something like 0.1% mortality rate.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...

That is not going to happen.