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Minnesota Senator Amy Klobachar
Never before in history has a Vice Presidential pick been so important. Joe Biden, clearly lacking the mental health to run the nation, will be handing over much of his power over to his Vice President. While the media focuses on potential candidates such as Stacy Abrams and Gretchen Whitmore, the choice is clear: Joe Biden will undoubtably pick Amy Klobachar for three main reasons.

The first is her ties to the Democratic Party's donor base. Of all the billionaires backers in the 2020 primary, Klobachar received 33, only behind Biden and Buttigieg. Unlike most of the field, she is economically moderate and has little chance of endangering her donors with socialist programs. Considering Joe Biden is not the person actually making the decision, this reason is probably the most significant.

The second is her appeal to the Midwest. Unlike potential candidates such as Stacy Abrams and Elizabeth Warren, Klobachar has won numerous elections in the Midwest, which is the battleground for 2020. A pick such as Abrams may improve Biden's standing with black voters, however those are not the voters he needs. The voters he needs are predominately suburban midwestern working class men. Out of all the options available, Klobachar seems the most popular among that voting block.

The third and final reason is her overall personality. Due to his failing image, Biden needs a young, energetic Vice President that the American people can bond with. Klobachar seems to fit that category, at least somewhat.

As this article was being written, the Joe Biden campaign announced Klobachar would officially start the vetting process to become his Vice President. It now seems more and more likely the decision has already been made. Prepare for a President Klobachar.