people running 9/11
We are in a world that is globally flabbergasted today.

In other words, stunned, panicked.

Our brains are in a state of excessive, inordinate paranoia.

Our paranoia switches have been activated!

Martha Stout, an American psychologist, describes this in her book, "The Paranoia Switch", published in 2007.

Our paranoia switch had already been activated on September 11, 2001.

Remember June 18, 2001? What you did, what you ate, the people you met, the TV program?

Not unless you were married that day. And again.

On the other hand, everyone remembers what they were doing on September 11, 2001, and especially what happened that day.

Not because everyone has a great memory or got married that day.

Because their paranoia switch has been turned to maximum.

I'm not going to lecture you on neuroscience or brain anatomy or brain amygdala or limbic system.
The Paranoia Switch
Those who want to, listen to the author [1] or read Martha Stout's book (photo on the right) [2], edifying, instructive, or this review article translated into French on the website :

Limbic Warfare and Martha Stout's "Paranoia Switch"

Comment: See the original SOTT Focus article in english:

Limbic Warfare and Martha Stout's "Paranoia Switch"

In summary, the stronger a traumatic event is, especially visual, the more the cerebral amygdala, the centre of fear and aggressiveness, is stimulated and, above all, the less the hippocampus (centre of factual memory) and its relays with the higher centres of the brain (reflection) are operational and intact.

This means?

After the traumatic event, even years later, any image, sound, word closely or remotely related to this event plunges us back into the same state of fear by activating the amygdala and depressing the hippocampus and our upper brain centres.

Basically, the "panicker", freed from the control of the "analyst", takes over the reins of our brain, and that's not nice, that's not good.

For example, the sound of a car horn in the street can immediately awaken intense paranoia in a war veteran that is completely disproportionate or even irrelevant, escaping reason.

Martha Stout points out that among all traumatic experiences, the ones that will cause the most astonishment and terror are those intentionally caused by our fellow human beings, such as rape, kidnapping, aggression or a terrorist attack, far ahead of those caused by accidents (explosion, car accident...) or natural disasters (earthquake...).

The important thing to remember is that once stunned in this way, the human brain no longer thinks, or thinks badly [with difficulty]. A bit like a short circuit in an electrical installation.

As a result, despite all its intelligence, its possible knowledge or its reflexes of critical analysis of a situation, the human brain becomes as if frozen.

It is mature, ready to submit.

Primary emotions such as fear, anger and aggression take control.

Such humans become very malleable, very suggestible and feel a strong urge to calm this fear by preferring simplistic speeches, ready-made solutions, even if they are irrational, impossible, illogical, by thinking it over.

But precisely!

Once the paranoia switch is turned on, people's brains stop thinking.

The citizens are told all the official authorities' lies that seem to them to be the providential solution, in this climate of extreme fear.

Could the powers that be, well aware of these psychological weaknesses of human beings, use our paranoia switches to keep their power and commit their misdeeds?

Martha Stout, in her excellent book, says:
"Agents of fear maintain their power by exploiting human weaknesses."
History shows how those in power have always used fear to commit their misdeeds, often using a scapegoat of that fear to exonerate themselves and give the brain a bone to gnaw in the brain amygdala of the deceived populations.
  • Hitler used the anarchists, the Jews, the communists, accusing the latter of the burning of the Reichstag [3], to pass his freedom-destroying laws and establish Nazi rule.
  • Successive American administrations have always used the fear of the other, from Native Americans to the Russians, and now the Chinese.
  • Bush Junior used the fear of terrorists and Muslims by using the Osama Bin Laden lie, then the Fake news of weapons of mass destruction to invade Iraq, a new demonized enemy, used to activate the switch of paranoia of Western civilian populations.
  • The New World Order (a transnational entity that now wants to establish a world government), uses a virus, COVID-19, to scare people, to stifle their paranoia switch, and this time, the enemy is represented by anyone who opposes their freedom-destroying laws presented as laws for the common good. Theirs above all!Always the same means for the same goal: Create a powerful paranoia switch and use it to dumbfound people's thinking abilities, demonize opponents of the authorities and make them accept anything, as long as the fear is calmed.
For September 11, 2001, the image of the collapsing twin towers and the cloud of dust, of people jumping into the void or scurrying like mad rabbits through the soot-blackened streets, served as a hook, a detonator for our cerebral amygdala.

For the COVID-19 pandemic, all that was needed were these convoys of deaths in Italy, a few news stories about young people who died [6] and these daily macabre counts, these truncated statistics that our media inflict on us every day.

The WHO of 2009, whose corruption has been officially brought to light [5-6-7], has remained and remains the patented organizer of this organized panic.

The same gang of criminals has simply done it again, exploiting the psychological weaknesses well known to humanity.

This time, it was done at a level never seen before, on a world level.

And for many so-called civilized, "free" countries, it works.

For me, this is what is most frightening, much more frightening than COVID-19, that all these countries, including mine, Belgium, have submitted so quickly to this evil New World Order.

Martha Stout's book not only describes how terror rewires our brains and reshapes our behaviour, it also describes how we can restore our dignity and freedom of thought.


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