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What do we want to call the geopolitical operation of the "global elite" with its real "depopulation agenda" currently taking place before our very eyes?

The consequences of this gigantic, frightening swindle are being experienced by everyone personally at the moment. Both the young and the old are deprived of their freedom and driven into despair, hopelessness and ultimately death. Is this geopolitical operation a "crime against humanity" as outlined under Nuremberg (1945/46 Trials)? I hereby publicly denounce the "main actors" and institutions who know what they are doing ("J'accuse...!")

It is also allowed to speak on behalf of all those who either do not have a public voice or who do not dare or are not (any longer) able to speak: For example, the countless old and elderly people who are cared for in their families or who are waiting to die as residents of old people's homes; the inmates of prisons or psychiatric institutions who are not allowed to speak at all; the infants and students who are no longer allowed to move freely, who are sometimes deprived of their educational opportunities and are not yet able to articulate themselves; the many day laborers, workers and parents who do not know how life should go on and who do not even take the right to freedom of expression for granted.

The restrictions imposed by the governments on the officially guaranteed civil liberties in connection with the so-called "Corona crisis" must be lifted in their entirety, because in the opinion of countless independent scientists who do not bow down to criminal policies, there are no convincing arguments for the current arbitrary restrictions!
About the Author:
Dr. Rudolf Hänsel is a certified psychologist and educationalist.