Roosevelt politics preplanned
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FRN presents undeniable proof positive that the Coronavirus 'pandemic' was planned by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010. This would qualify as 'very strong' circumstantial evidence, also heavily in the area of 'stated intent'. This is more than 'mens rea' and in fact is direct evidence of conspiracy to carry out such a scenario.

The following is a video from 2014 in which a journalist on public access television about six years ago, reviews aspects of a publicly available document which the Rockefeller Foundation produced in around 2010. While the journalist's method of explaining things is less than desirable, (he is clearly a bit dramatic in terms of his presentation) though the material in itself, speaks for itself. Let's not focus on how he presents things, but rather the content of his presentation in this interview. You can see the interviewer also becomes annoyed with his explanatory method.

To verify that this is everything it is being presented as, by the journalist, we present to FRN readers what appears to be the original Rockefeller Foundation slide show that we have found online. We can't verify its authenticity in terms of dates - that this is the same presentation made in 2010. But it is the presentation made by the Rockefeller group. Since the video talking about this below is from 2014, it seems accurate.