Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai
On Thursday, we wrote a piece about Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an MIT scientist with 4 PHD degrees, after he said in his famous tweet that "fear mongering on coronavirus will go down as the biggest fraud to manipulate economies." He also accused the "Deep State" of scaring people and not telling the real truth about the deadly coronovirus.

Dr. Shiva went on to say that the media and the "Deep State" are doing the world a disservice by exaggerating the impact of the virus. The story has received over two million views since the article was published over a week ago. In the meantime, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a board-certified family practioner in New York, treated 350 coronavirus patients with 100% success using Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate.

After the story went viral, Dr. Shiva came out with a follow-up video that goes into a great detail to explain the real truth about coronavirus and why we need to focus more on immune health. You can watch his first video. Just as we thought we are done with story, on Friday night, Dr. Shiva doubles down his attack on "Deep State," and even went as far as naming names,

In his latest tweet, Dr. Shiva said: "Glad to see @realDonaldTrump is reading my tweets! Time to expose "Deep State" Emperor Fauci & his "illustrious" career of #FakeScienceimposing "one-size-fits-all" Medieval Mandated Medicine to profit his BIG PHARMA minions, the expense of crashing our economy. More to come...."

"Deep State" Emperor Fauci" is a reference to Dr. Anthony Fauci, an immunologist who serves as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and as a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force addressing the 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic.

Donald Trump coronavirus press conf.
Dr. Shiva graduated from MIT in 1986 with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science. He has done extensive research at the molecular level and he was also speaker at National Science Foundation for the science of information on the immune system. Dr. Shiva also also holds a master's degree in mechanical engineering from MIT. In 2004, he returned to MIT to work on a Ph.D. in systems biology, a relatively new field that integrates biology, engineering and computer science.

Below is his first video on how coronavirus works and why it is time to talk about Immune Health as the world grapples with deadly virus.