Joe Scarborough
© Getty Images North America / AFP / Chip Somodevilla
MSNBC host Joe Scarborough
MSNBC's Joe Scarborough has added his voice to the network's recent anti-Bernie Sanders chorus, arguing that Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar should drop out of the race in order to "consolidate efforts" against the frontrunner.

The Morning Joe co-host said that, despite how well she has done, "people are talking" about how Minnesota senator Klobuchar, who finished third in the New Hampshire primary, should "get out of the race."

He then moved onto Warren, who "finished weak" in the Nevada primary. Scarborough said "a lot of buzz on Twitter" was suggesting she should throw in the towel too.

Not everyone on Twitter was supportive of Scarborough's opinions on who should drop out of the race, however.

Many questioned why Scarborough was eager to see two female candidates drop out when there were male candidates — Joe Biden and billionaires Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer among them — performing worse than the women in the polls and primaries.

"Weird how he picks the women in the race, when Biden, Steyer, and Bloomberg are doing as poorly or worse," one tweeter wrote.

Some argued that Scarborough's suggestion was unlikely to work well as an anti-Sanders strategy anyway, given that Warren's progressive supporters were likely to support the Vermont senator if she left the race.

Another commenter suggested it was time for MSNBC to replace Scarborough with someone who is "a bit more in tune with the 21st century."

Others pointed out Scarborough's past as a Republican lawmaker and his previous support for Donald Trump, making the case that perhaps he shouldn't be giving advice on which Democrats should drop out.

MSNBC's coverage of the election — and particularly Sanders' campaign — has come under fire in recent weeks.

Long-time anchor Chris Matthews raised eyebrows on the night of the Nevada primary for comparing Sanders' handy win in the state to the Nazi invasion of France in the 1940s. His comments drew fire not only for their exaggerated nature, but for the fact that Sanders is a Jew whose own family members perished at the hands of the Nazis.

Matthews had also previously suggested that Sanders, a democratic socialist, would be happy to see the rich executed in Central Park.