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The Colorado monster convicted of murdering his family feels that he killed his two young daughters "twice" — because they survived his first attempt to smother them before he got back into bed and strangled his wife, according to his prison pen pal who wrote a book about the case.

Author Cheryln Cadle, who has reportedly exchanged letters and phone calls with accused killer Chris Watts — the basis for her book, "Letters from Christopher: The Tragic Confessions of the Watts Family Murders" — shared the disturbing account in a Tuesday "Dr. Oz" interview.

Watts told Cadle that the plan was to kill his daughters, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, first before turning his attention to his 15-weeks-pregnant wife, Shanann, the author shared.

Comment: It's difficult to read the transcript of Colorado Bureau of Investigation interview with Christopher Lee Watts. His apparent casual and callous disregard of his wife Shannan, and his daughters, Bella and Celeste, when he was pursuing relationship with another woman is a terrifying testimony to his lack of real human empathy.

"Well, the morning of, he went into his baby girls' rooms and took a pillow from their bed and smothered them and then he went into his room with [his wife] Shanann and laid down next to her," Cadle said. "They argued a little and he murdered her. So, then he was wrapping her in the sheets and both girls got up and saw him and started questioning, 'What's wrong with mommy? What happened to mommy?'"

Shannan Watts
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Shannan Watts with Daughters Bella and Celeste
"Bella, the oldest one, was crying," Cadle added. "She had obviously been traumatized. She had bruises above her eyes, and you could tell she had been traumatized. Also, Cece was more confused. She was awake, the younger one."

Following the August 2018 incident, Watts initially claimed that his wife strangled their two daughters after she learned her husband had been having an affair.

But about a year ago, he fessed up to killing all three family members — and his unborn son — in a deal that would spare him the death penalty.

Watts admitted to driving Celeste and Bella to a Weld County Oil site, where he dumped his wife's body and then smothered the girls for a second time.

He is serving multiple life sentences.

Last month, Cadle revealed that Watts said he never would have killed his pregnant wifeand two daughters if he hadn't met his co-worker mistress Nichol Kessinger.