Brazil plane crash

Three people were reported to have died in this morning's inferno in Brazil
A Brazil plane crash has left three dead after the aircraft smashed into a residential street and burst into flames.

The aircraft crashed this morning in Caicara just after taking off from the Carlos Prates Airport, northwest of Belo Horizonte, according to local media.

An official from the local fire department said that the plane smashed into vehicles at the intersection of Minerva and Belmiro Braga streets, reports Estado de Minas.

Paramedics rushed to the fiery scene, along with teams from the Military Police and the Municipal Guard.

Three people were reported to have been injured as a result of being trapped in the inferno, according to the fire department.

3 dead plane crash
It's not clear as yet whether the victims were pedestrians, drivers or residents.

Houses were also partially burnt as a result of the blaze.

Noticias reports that "it was at this very spot that another plane crashed in April this year".

One witness, Marina Marques, tweeted from near the scene: "Another plane has crashed in Rua Minerva - Caicara. It hit a car and apparently caught pedestrians. Very sad."

Another bystander pointed out that it was the "second time a plane has crashed in Caicara."

photo showing plumes of smoke
Marina Marques, who took this photo showing plumes of smoke, tweeted that 'another plane has crashed... very sad'