South Korean student
South Korean university student protesters climb over a wall during a protest at the US ambassador's residence in Seoul
Nineteen South Korean students were detained after scaling the wall of the US envoy's residence in Seoul, in protest of American presence in their country.

The students were taken into a local station for questioning on Friday after illegally entering ambassador Harry Harris' home, police said.

The group, which identifies itself as a coalition of progressive university students, posted photos on its Facebook account in which several members climbed over the wall of the house of ambassador Harry Harris using ladders.

In a separate video, apparently broadcast live from inside the compound, they accused the United States of demanding a 500 per cent hike in the costs for the upkeep of some 28,500 troops in South Korea, while holding a banner saying "Leave this soil Harris."

The two countries are currently in talks over how to share the expense of the US military presence.

"Stop interfering with our domestic affairs," the students could be heard shouting, followed by other chants "Get out", and "We don't need US troops", before being marched out of the residence by police.

There was no immediate comment from the US Embassy about the incident.

In June, the same student group had held a forum to present their "research findings" on the achievements of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, lauding him as a caring and influential leader.

The students also attempted to break into the US Embassy in Seoul last January before being stopped by police.