mexico mayor kidnapping
The residents of one Mexican city have grown so dissatisfied with their mayor over unfulfilled election promises that they turned vigilante to make their feelings known, kidnapping the man and dragging him behind a truck.

Jorge Luis Escandon Hernandez, mayor of the southern city of Las Margaritas, was abducted from his office on Tuesday before being unceremoniously tied to a truck and dragged around the city by angry locals.

The incident was apparently fueled by their unhappiness over the politician's failure to follow through on election campaign promises to repair local roads. Incredibly, he escaped the incident without serious injury.

Footage of the moment of his initial capture show skirmishes as a group of men attempt to force him over to the vehicle, with onlookers jeering. Some men appear to be trying to prevent them from seizing the mayor.

Eleven people have been arrested so far by police investigating the incident, El Heraldo reports, and 10 people were injured in the fracas.