© Grigory Sysoev/Sputnik
Russian President Vladimir Putin • Pakistani PM Imran Khan
The further escalation between nuclear-armed rivals India and Pakistan may lead to "unimaginable" fallout so the world must intervene to help avoiding that, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan told RT in an exclusive interview.

The "explosive" situation in Kashmir could escalate "way beyond" the Indian subcontinent, Khan told RT's Paula Slier. He reminded that it would be "the first time [when] two nuclear-armed countries come face-to-face after the Cuban crisis" of 1962. "No rational human being can talk of a nuclear war."

The Indo-Pakistani standoff took a turn for the worse after New Delhi revoked the decades old autonomy of the part of disputed Kashmir it controls. Khan urged the world community to help preventing the conflict from spiraling into "a nuclear hotspot" with "unimaginable" consequences.

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