Protesters burn debris in the street of Hong Kong sept 2019
© REUTERS/Anushree Fadnavis
Protesters burn debris in the street of Hong Kong, China September 8, 2019
A number of masked, black-clad protesters in Hong Kong are very organized and do not hesitate to use force against police or property, video footage from the autonomous Chinese city shows.

Video filmed by the news agency Ruptly on Sunday shows black-clad protesters preparing for confrontation with police, dismantling sidewalks to collect rubble as projectiles. They also smashed windows and barricaded the entrance of one MTR subway station.

"Using force is one of our methods, one of our methods to protect ourselves and to protest, since the fire is our war," one of the masked protesters told Ruptly.

Violence is what the police do, he added, while "protesters are not using violence. They just use force to protect themselves and protect those peaceful protesters."

Comment: What a crock! RT has filmed multiple videos of barricades set on fire, showing demonstrators armed with clubs and rods, throwing rocks and other projectiles at police.

Video from the Sunday protests showed demonstrators throwing objects at police, who responded with tear gas.
Hong Kong protest violence
© Ruptly
The group of about 100 or so militant protesters wore dark clothing, gas masks and face masks, and appeared well organized, moving in groups.
hong kong protests
© Ruptly
After protesters started smashing up the MTR station, the black-clad group moved away and marched off.

Protests in the autonomous city began in late March over a proposed law allowing extradition to the Chinese mainland. Although the authorities have withdrawn the bill since, the demonstrators have made additional demands for democracy, while brandishing US and UK flags and clashing with police.

A former British colony for over a century, Hong Kong was restored to Chinese rule in 1997.