arms depot siberia explosion
At least eight people were injured after a series of loud blasts rocked a military base, reportedly packed with around 40,000 artillery shells, in Russia. An evacuation of all nearby villages was ordered.

Monday's explosions happened at an army installation outside the small village of Kamenka in the Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia. The blasts were triggered by a fire that broke out inside a munitions depot.

A blaze is currently raging in the area, which houses around 40,000 125mm and 152mm artillery shells, typically used by tanks and howitzers, the media reported, citing military sources. Base personnel took cover in a bomb shelter when the explosions began.

At least eight people were injured, including two servicemen, who were hospitalized with shrapnel wounds. Some of the victims were said to have also sustained minor burns.

The blasts were heard clearly throughout Kamenka, and many residents observed a large cloud of grey smoke billowing above the burning base. The shockwave from the blasts shattered windows in some houses.

Some locals fled in panic to nearby woods and authorities later ordered the evacuation of all villages within 20km radius from the military installation.

Two fire trains were sent to the scene; the deputy defense minister was dispatched to the area to coordinate the situation on the ground.