water supply damaged Donbass

Exploding shells damaged water pipelines supplying more than 3.2 million people along the Siverski Donets-Donbass channel on June 29, 2019
"Shelling could be happening in the morning, dinner time, at night...There was some certainty before, now shelling can happen any time." Eduard's front door is pierced all the way through by large caliber bullets, his barn is destroyed by 120 mm shells, mirror smashed by bullets is not just a bad omen any more: it's hard to imagine that someone could still be living in these ruins.

Commenting on the current situation in Kominternovo, he remarks, with bitter irony, that last week was worse than all 5 years of the war. Most of Vatutina Street where Eduard lives is destroyed by shelling. The landscape is simply apocalyptic here.