Poroshenko Ukraine Army
© Gleb Garanich / Reuters
The Russian account of the Kerch Strait incident appears more truthful as Ukraine continues to spin its story and mass against Donbass.

Vesti News released a new video showing the preparations the already besieged Donbass region in Ukraine is making for Poroshenko and the NATO embedded forces trying to take the area.

Russia One's evening broadcast indicated that the Russian borders are strongly fortified and ready to face anything Ukraine might throw at it.

The concern here is for a Ukrainian, not a Russian, provocation. This follows from the information in the Kerch Strait incident last Sunday, which detailed that Ukrainian counterintelligence agents directed the sailors on board the Ukrainian ships to not follow proper notification and navigation procedures with regard to the Russian authorities as they entered waters mutually controlled by both Russia and Ukraine.

President Petro Poroshenko authorized the buildup of combat troops along the Donbass frontier earlier this week. The spokesman for DPR, Eduard Basurin, confirms that this is indeed developing along the border.