christchurch mass shooting
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A sophisticated multi-site terror attack beginning at 1:40pm local time in New Zealand earlier today saw several locations in the city of Christchurch targeted by multiple gunmen, prompting a major security operation and placing much of the city on lockdown. So far, 49 people have been confirmed killed, while an additional 48 have been injured.

Media accounts have begun narrowing the focus to one individual, a 28-year-old Australian man named Brenton Tarrant, who wore a GoPro camera to livestream his part in the attack, but local police report that they have so far arrested four people. The sadistic psychopath attacked the Masjid Al Noor mosque on Deans Avenue, east of the city center, 10 minutes after noon prayers began, so it was full of worshipers as he unloaded multiple magazines from one of several weapons he brought with him. Bodies have also been found in adjacent streets so some of the victims appear to have been shot dead outside the mosque. One was that of a child, slain in the middle of Deans Avenue.

Tarrant cannot have been the only shooter, however. An eyewitness told the Christchurch Star that she was in her car near the Al Noor Mosque as the attack began. Moments after hearing gunfire, she says "four to five men came running towards her." Terrified they would spot her, she put her seat down so she could hide in place. Police had not yet arrived on the scene.

A second shooting incident began, within 5 minutes of the beginning of the Al Noor attack, at another mosque, the Linwood Masjid on Linwood Avenue. This site is 5 kms to the east of the Al Noor Mosque. So far 7 people have been reported killed there - again, some inside the building, some outside. Eyewitnesses at this location say they saw a man leave the mosque "wearing camouflage gear and a motorcycle helmet," and that some locals gave chase as the gunman fled.

Police also reported defusing "several improvised explosive devices" found attached to vehicles at diverse locations, one as far away as Strickland Street, 3 kms southeast of the Al Noor Mosque.

Meanwhile an eyewitness told the New Zealand Herald that he saw a body in a carpark at Papanui High School, 4 kms north of the Al Noor Mosque on Deans Avenue. The school went into lockdown as a police helicopter circled low overhead and dozens of armed police searched the site. Students and staff sheltered in place until a man, described as "wearing military clothing", was arrested outside the school.
christchurch mass shooting
The man arrested outside Papanui High School
At 3:40pm local time, two hours after the attacks commenced, Christchurch police confirmed that this was a "multiple, simultaneous attack."

christchurch terror attack
Locations of the multi-site terror attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, 15 March 2019
Footage has emerged of police ramming a vehicle and arresting someone, though it's unknown which of the gunmen that is:

Tarrant, the Australian gunman who filmed himself driving up to the Al Noor Mosque and taking firearms out of the trunk of his car, had scrawled inscriptions on them referencing famous European battles against the Ottoman Empire, among other 'neo-Nazi' slogans, such as "Here's Your Migration Compact!" Here is a screenshot of photos he uploaded to his Twitter account in recent weeks, which he apparently opened just last month:

tarrant twitter
He also apparently penned a 73-page 'manifesto' titled 'The Great Replacement', in which he vowed 'revenge' against 'Muslim invaders', praised US president Trump, said he was "influenced above all by Candace Owens", railed against declining European (white) birth rates, and hailed the psycho involved in the Utoya Island massacre and Oslo bombing in Norway in 2011. (Anders Breivik, incidentally, published a similar manifesto about Muslims, even though his victims were, by and large, left-leaning sons and daughters of Norway's elite. He too could not have carried out that multi-site terror attack alone).

Here's the 'white power' manifesto attributed to Tarrant. Note the emphasis on his identity, lack of education, and third-person Q&A style:

Tarrant manifesto
Tarrant manifesto
Tarrant manifesto
Most bizarre, however, were Tarrant's final words before he began his part in the shooting spree: "Remember lads, subscribe to Pewdiepie," referring to the nickname of the most popular channels on YouTube, run by Swedish gamer and entertainer Felix Kjellberg.

Australia has had strict gun control laws since the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre, when a multi-site terror attack in Tasmania was pinned on a low-IQ man (in trial-by-media, mind you - that case never came before a court of law). The arsenal of weapons and explosives used in this terror attack will undoubtedly pressure New Zealand authorities to implement tighter gun control. Others will tie in the proliferation of first-person shooter video games.

But the main emphasis is apparently being focused on holding 'alt-right' sites, figures and forums directly responsible for the attacks. The backstory on Tarrant thus far is that he is a member of the 8Chan forum, which has for years been mercilessly trolling the politically correct doctrines of multiculturalism and Leftist dogma in general. While his 'manifesto' is riddled with clichéd 'dog-whistles' to white supremacists, for anyone who knows how silly and humorous most of PewDiePie's content is, Tarrant's nonchalant shout-out to the YouTube star moments before commencing his part in the attacks is jarring to say the least.
Brenton Tarrant
Screenshots from Tarrant's livestream video footage as he shot dead 30 or so unarmed people in and around the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch.
Almost every 'political wish' in this 'manifesto' echoes important topics being discussed in independent media and by populist movements and candidates. While there is some likeness between its content and what critics of mass migration into Europe are pointing out, it is largely a pat repetition of the ugly caricatures mainstream media talking-heads claim that grounded, sensible conservative-minded people actually advocate. In that sense, the document is a perfect set-up to provide fodder for leftists to continue to 'self-radicalize' and further denounce 'the right', for 'the right' to double-down on their siege mentality, and for the media to inflame tensions between the two, and within Western society at large.

While New Zealand has, until now, not been directly terrorized, as one of the 'Five Eyes' in the anglosphere it has inevitably absorbed much of the postmodernist leftist-liberal doctrine. Jordan Peterson recently toured 'down under', and, despite being warned by their media that the University of Toronto professor "threatens the basic values of our society," he was, of course, a big hit with many Kiwis.

As if confirming this motive for tarnishing the conservative counter-culture by association, the British Home Secretary has declared that social media platforms 'must do something to stop this from happening':

Coincidence theorists will doubtless see no timing issue with the fact that the Israelis - three weeks out from elections that could depose Netanyahu's dictatorship - launched airstrikes at about 100 locations up and down the Gaza Strip, within two hours of the multi-site attack in Christchurch. Their justification for doing so was that two rockets were fired at Tel Aviv for the first time since 2014, and yet, as if in expectation of firm and credible denials of responsibility by Hamas, Israeli media this morning reports that 'it appears' those two rockets were 'fired accidentally during maintenance'.

New Zealand/Australia have now had their 'major white ethno-nationalist' terror attack. It may take a year or two, but we could reasonably foresee a possible 'Islamic terror' follow-up in which Muslims are implicated in a 'corresponding' massacre of whites. "ISIS" (i.e. Saudi Arabia, Israel and the USA) has, supposedly, called for revenge. The point of it all is apparently to provoke and reinforce the polarization of society - not just between Muslims (who make up barely 1% of New Zealand's population of 4 million) and non-Muslims, but to more broadly affect everyone via a 'strategy of tension'.

As the fallout from this atrocity continues, keep in mind, as the media blames these attacks on one man and his 'neo-Nazi ideas', and as you observe independent media, thinkers or anyone holding dissenting views on social media effectively be accused of murdering the Christchurch victims, that the 'Clash of Civilizations', with its artificially induced 'us versus them' mentality, is part and parcel of the 'Culture War' over what values, precisely, 'The West' - and civilization globally - should embody. There are, indeed, "threats to the basic values of our society" out there, and they're not about to surrender their thrones without shedding blood.