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You would think, with the US presidential election coming up next year, that Donald Trump's political opponents in the US would be preparing a coherent and appealing strategy to sway voters to not vote him in for a second term.

But you would be wrong.

Instead the Democrats have announced their grand vision for the USA - and thus their flagship campaign for attracting voters to whoever they select as their candidate in 2020 - a bizarre 'Green New Deal' that has about as much appeal to most American voters as giving up their guns.

On the basis that climate change is man-made (it isn't), the proposal spearheaded by New York Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez envisions a government-mandated comprehensive overhaul of the US economy in order to 'eradicate poverty and social injustice', and to 'save the planet'.

Trump this week gave his longest-ever speech, delivered at the annual conservative CPAC event, and went off-script to tear into his opponents' plan, 'crooked Hillary', 'Russiagate', and all his haters. The media meanwhile, in synch with congressional hearing testimony provided this week by Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen, doubled down on its three-year-long inane bullshit about Trump being 'literally Hitler'.

This week on NewsReal, Joe & Niall discuss why this likely means electoral victory for Trump in 2020.

Later in the show they also discuss the 'nuclear stand-off' between India and Pakistan over terrorism and Kashmir, and the likely foreign intrigue behind that sudden flare-up in south Asia.

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