What a time to be living in the West. We've never been richer, more educated or healthier and our life expectancy is increasing year on year.

Instead of building on these achievements in the West to increase our prosperity and competitiveness, we are embarking on an embarrassing and damaging agenda led by people who are publicly funded to spew the nonsense that is identity politics. Through our schools, universities and workplaces, we have been fed a diatribe of gender politics as fact rather than feeling, when it's quite frankly barking.

Our stretched police force has coppers sitting behind computer screens looking for slights against trannies. People are being arrested for stating the fact that a man who chops off his penis and ingests multiple female hormones is now a woman.

I had a 24 hour Twitter ban for quoting factual statistics about gender dysphoria.

My gay friends and colleagues quietly go about their lives. They are appalled that they are automatically included in the LGBTQI agenda. They have nothing in common with those pushing trans, queer or identity politics. They're gay, they lead their lives, do their jobs, pay their mortgages and live normal lives.

I've written a book, The Gender Agenda, which I'm publishing shortly. In my research two friends contributed chapters on their sexuality, one a young gay man who tried 'transitioning' but like many, realised (after being pressurised into believing he was transgender by an evil industry, more in the book), he was just gay and another friend, Tranny, someone who is a regular at the Freedom and Brexit marches, sent me the following appeal to his fellow trannies, which I thought I would share with you.

Dear fellow trannies,
Stop! Just stop with your hysterical demands. You're doing none of us any favours. I'm utterly appalled that a woman would be dragged away from her children for simply calling a person that she views as a man a "man". And to clarify, I will tell the reader at this point that it is the minority of politically-minded, mentally-deranged trannies who are behaving in this Nazi fashion, the rest of us are just out to have fun, so don't think it is all of us who are this pre-menstrual in our thinking.

We, as trannies, whilst having the privilege of being able to walk around dressed as we please, do NOT have the right to bully other people's speech, and to change the way their brain works, and to change the way people register what it is that their eyes are seeing. There are laws that protect everyone against violence and discrimination in the UK, including trannies, and that's enough for me. I don't need to demand that strangers cater to my every whim and demand. There are trannies that I find it impossible to view or to refer to as 'she' or 'he'. So if I struggle with it, as a tranny, you can imagine how the rest of the populace who are not exposed to our world feel about it. And, NO, we do not need to educate people and insist that they honour us. I'm under no obligation to obey anyone's commands, and no one is obliged to obey mine either.

I'll point out that respect is a two-way street. If you want it, give it, and keep it real in the process. Most of us are British blokes with broad shoulders, narrow hips, and large forearms and hands. The majority of us are not at all convincing, and most of us are wearing wigs with stubble poking through our pancake makeup. Still others (Hairy Harry, for example) are hanging onto the walls of the club, or the railings of the bar, wobbling in their sensible heels, about to keel over because they have rugby player's legs and haven't yet mastered the dainty art of sashaying. I laugh at it. Other trannies in the club laugh at it too, although we do so with hands over our mouths as a matter of respect. So just stop with the histrionics, and do expect some kind of attention, either good or bad, when you go outdoors. We're not the majority or in any way the norm. People are going to stare. Send your blood sample off to a lab and see what the results come back as; it certainly won't say 'trans', no matter that you 'feel' like a natural woman.

A friend of mine, a former bodybuilder whose breast implants would be too large to fit into Dolly Parton's bras, is constantly being referred to as "Sir" whenever she enters stores to make purchases. She doesn't throw hissy fits, she simply accepts that the person addressing her is using the pronoun that his eyes are telling him to apply to the person he's serving. No big deal, just take your bags, thank him for his service, and leave. You might wish that everyone could view you as a beautiful princess, but if that's not the reality then just suck it up and go about your business. Life isn't always fair or kind, and there are bigger things to worry about.

Political LGB (T does not belong in that word spaghetti, because being T has got nothing to do with a person's sexuality) are even bullying their own. RuPaul had a catchphrase which went, "Hooo, gurrrl, you got a shemail", which simply meant a contestant had received a vote or a notification. RuPaul was made to remove his catchphrase because the political LGB felt it was demeaning to men who think they are women. And lastly, tranny is not a bad word. Every tranny I know is comfortable with the word tranny. Some prefer T-girl, but the tranny is the most oft-used word to describe us. It is an umbrella term that incorporates dudes with boobs, sexual fetishists, cross-dressers, hairy pantie wearers, and more. The only people I wouldn't call trannies are those who have gone through with the operation in its entirety - dangly bits cut off, and no intentions of pumping out babies and having them suckle on hairy teats in the near future.

Lastly, political trannies are taking away other people's human rights. Now we are expected to say "pregnant people" and not "pregnant women" in case some tranny gets offended. Children are being exposed to ideas and notions that are not age-appropriate. Shared bathrooms (I always use the gents as a mark of respect for real women). Sports competitions where trans men are beating up on biological women, or out-performing them in wrestling matches or on the track fields. I could go on and on, but I'll leave it at this. Keep in mind that other people have rights too, and in the words of the infamous Marsha P. Johnson, just get on with your life and "pay it no mind". You do you, boo boo, and let others do themselves.
Janice Atkinson was elected to the European Parliament in 2014 to represent the south east of England. Janice fought a marginal constituency for the Conservative Party in the 2010 general election and later became a member of the UK Independence Party.