Boy selling hot chocolate
An 11-year-old boy wanted to share some warmth and earn a few bucks, but he ended up getting the cops called on him in Castle Shannon.

Andrew Donaldson, of Castle Shannon, is not new to the drink stand scene.

"A lot of times, I make over $50, and I do pretty good," Andrew said.

This small business owner is normally seen setting up shop outside his Castle Shannon home when the temperature is a little warmer, but like most entrepreneurs, when he sees an opportunity, he takes it.

"I was kind of bored, so I was like, I can just come out and do something, so I came out and sold hot cocoa," Andrew said.

On Friday, he bundled up, grabbed the electric water boiler and a can of Swiss Miss and gave his customers exactly what they needed after a cold and snowy day: hot chocolate.

Andrew was surprised when two officers approached him.

"They asked if I was by myself, and I said, 'No, the babysitter is in the house,'" Andrew said.

Andrew's parents were told a neighbor called police after seeing him outside and being concerned about the temperatures. After the officers made sure he was OK, Andrew offered them his service member perk: a cup of hot cocoa on the house.

The officers paid anyway!

"They paid even though he insisted it was free, so I thought that was really nice of them," Rebecca Lukens, Andrew's mom, said.

"Whoever called the cops on him are the real MVPs because we learned that the local police were really friendly," Lukens said.

Andrew said his parents taught him to save a little, spend a little and share a little, so he donates some of his earnings to an animal shelter.