burqa Australia senator Pauline Hanson
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Senator Pauline Hanson will be renewing her push for a ban on the burqa. She is pictured in Question Time in 2017 wearing the garment, which covers the face and body
  • Senator Pauline Hanson will push to ban the burqa when parliament returns
  • The garment, warn by Muslim women, covers the entire body and face
  • European countries including Denmark and France have outlawed the veil
  • Several Liberal and National MP's would reportedly privately support the move
Australian MP's are pushing to ban the burqa in Australia again after Denmark became the latest European country to outlaw it.

Senator Pauline Hanson recently announced she will be pushing forward with legislation to have the Federal Parliament prohibit the face-covering veil.

The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Austria and Bulgaria are among the countries that have banned the burqa.

Several Liberal and National MP's are 'privately supportive' of Senator Hanson's stance, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Labor leader Bill Shorten have both previously ruled out the move.

In a post to Facebook last week, Senator Hanson announced her intention to bring the debate back into the Senate.

She described the garment - warn by women from Muslim countries - as 'radical and suppressive garb.'

Senator Pauline Hanson Australia burqa
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Several Liberal and National MP's are reportedly 'privately supportive' of Senator Hanson's (pictured) stance
'When parliament returns after the winter break, I'll be pushing forward with legislation to have our federal parliament ban the burqa,' she said.

'It's time Australia moves in the same direction to remove this radical and suppressive garb.

'More and more countries across the globe are banning the burqa, including Muslim nations.

'Share if you support my efforts to ban the burqa and be sure to contact your local member to tell them how you'd like them to vote.'

But Denmark Muslims are rebelling against the ban, News Corp reported.

Mother of three, Sarah, said she won't be stopping wearing the niqab - a veil that covers the face, but not the eyes.

'I won't stop wearing it, because I feel like this is a very unjust ban and it's a discriminatory ban and I feel like this is just the beginning of bans,' she said.

'I feel very strong when I wear the niqab, I feel like a strong connection to God,' she said.

The Burka covers the entire body and face and is worn by Islamic women to cover themselves in public.

The burqa will be outlawed in public from August 1 in Denmark, after 75 MP's voted for it, and 30 against.

Norway also recently banned the burqa and niqab being worn by students in educational institutions.

The socialist left party supported the move for teachers, but not students